Wednesday, August 15, 2007


This video shows, not only how each of our freedoms are under attack and are threatened, but how segments of the organized Church are more than willing to be used to lead the way (Citing the Bible, of course!) in removing each of our freedoms, and justifying that removal in the name of God. 

So, as I've so often written, if we don't fight for the freedoms and full and equal civil rights for LGBT people, we are shooting ourselves in the heart, as the rights and freedoms we have taken for granted can be erased by the stroke of a pen with the all too willing help of clergy who will justify that erasure as being in "God's will." 

Just as all too many clergy have "justified" the prohibition of access to full and equal civil rights for LGBT people, many are more than willing to "justify" the removal of all of our civil rights, and condition the masses to accept the suspension or removal of those rights, as the agents of the State that they really are, all the while sanctimoniously telling us that they are being Godly in so doing.

Please read this post in conjunction with the post I did earlier today, in order to see how the rapid move to fascism in our country is part and parcel of much of the organized Church being party to setting the tone for, justification of, and facilitation of, hate against "the other," as most recently seen in its demonization of LGBT people, from which far too many clergy and politicians handsomely profit psychologically and/or materially. 

[Thanks to Bishop Leland Somers for alerting me to this matter.]

[Also posted on A Christian Voice For Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, And Transgender Rights.]

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