Monday, October 1, 2007


"On Sunday - the deadline set by church leaders for the Episcopal Church to roll back support for same-sex unions - the U.S. church's presiding bishop said unequivocally at San Francisco's Grace Cathedral that there would be no retreat.

"'All people - including gay and lesbian Christians and non-Christians - are deserving of the fullest regard of the church,' the Most Rev. Katherine Jefferts Schori declared during an hourlong discussion before services. 'We're not going backward.'

"Jefferts Schori said these are the views of the church's bishops as well as its lay members - who have increasingly affirmed rights for same-sex couples. As such, Jefferts Schori's comments served as the punctuation to a historic day."

[For the full article, see here.]

Rev. Jefferts Schori has shown herself to be a woman of God who sees the Church as being Christ's instrument to spread and live His Word of grace and inclusion to ALL of His children! She gets it!

The "conservatives," who are actually "reactionaries" who, during times of slavery and segregation, would be the very ones to fight for those institutions because "that's what the Bible says," will one day soon be seen as anachronisms, much as the "Christian" segregationists of the 1950's and 60's are today!

It's an outrage when leaders, or members, of any church or denomination seek to exclude anyone from full fellowship, and it is even more of an outrage that these types of people have been able to attain to leadership positions in the institutional Church while holding ideologies and positions diametrically opposed to the Gospel of Christ!

Rev. Jefferts Schori has shown herself to not only be a woman of God who understands the Gospel of grace, but has shown herself to have the guts to stand up to the reactionary forces aligned against her! God bless her!
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