Monday, April 20, 2009


This is an excellent commentary by Stanley Bennett-Clay that just about says it all!

Part of his commentary reads as follows:

God birthed me black, left-handed, artistic and gay; four things that the majority population rejected. Well, I reject your rejection. God made me special and you don’t get it....

And if you don’t get it soon, it will get you. We as a community cannot afford to divide our house. We are many God-created things. If we don’t understand and respect that, then we have a total misunderstanding and disrespect for who we are and who we’re supposed to be as God’s perfect imperfect children. And the ‘not-getting’ will doom us all!

[Thanks to Gay Agenda.]

LGBT people are part of God's multifaceted tapestry in a life where one size doesn't fit all! God made us as He chose to make us according to His sovereign will, and to in any way condemn God's creation is to commit an offense against God!

And all the sanctimonious professing Christians who misuse the Bible to in any way condemn part of God's creation are making a mockery of their claim to being Christians, and have done inestimable harm to the image of Christianity held by many intelligent and sensitive people!

Stanley Bennett-Clay's commentary hits the nail on the head!

His commentary can be read here.
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A very powerful commentary, Jerry, but we both know it will fall on deaf ears. Even as Mr. Bennett-Clay was pouring his heart into his essay, he was being shouted down by the Donnie McClurkins, the Harry Jackson, Jrs, the TD Jakes, and increasingly, the Bishop Akinolas who command the attention of African and African-American churchgoers. Only submission to true Christian principles can make self-described Black Christians stop following ministers of hatred. The same goes for Christians of any other ethnicity.

Jerry Maneker said...

Absolutely! No Christian can ever be in favor of denying or attempting to deny civil rights of any other person! Any person who in any way demonizes or condemns others because of their God-given sexual orientation or gender identity is not a Christian!