Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The mayor of Anchorage on Monday vetoed a ban against discrimination based on sexual orientation, saying it was unclear that such discrimination existed....

“This ordinance was going to force small-business owners particularly to accommodate people who choose a certain lifestyle,” said the Rev. Jerry Prevo, pastor of the Anchorage Baptist Temple and a leader of the measure’s opponents.

“Once you give special rights to homosexuals,” Mr. Prevo said, “then the next step is you legalize homosexual marriage and so forth.”

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How a seemingly limited human being like the Rev. Jerry Prevo became a pastor of a church that professes to be "Christian," I'll never know, save to say that he represents far more "ministers" than any Christian would feel comfortable with having seemingly represent "Christianity."

The deceitful and distorted mantra that Gay people "choose a certain lifestyle" and that they want "special rights" is very sinister in its distortion, and it's being repeated so often by many clergy in the institutional Church, so that ignorant and/or gullible and/or hateful people professing to be decent, and even "Christian," seem to thrive on that lie, so that a ban on discrimination is vetoed, the reason given being that it "unclear that such discrimination existed."

For anyone to deny that there is discrimination against Gay people is a downright lie! And, worse than that, it is a hypocritical lie! And we have assorted pastors who call themselves "Christian," fueling such discrimination and lies against Gay people, all the while lying about the lives of Gay people.

Another reality is that hypocrisy is not restricted to any one political party, in that we have a narcissistic hypocrite in Pres. Obama who both assiduously affirms DOMA while at the same time he condemns it.

President Barack Obama insisted Monday he still wants to scrap what he calls a discriminatory federal marriage law, even as his administration angered gay rights activists by defending it in court.

The president said his administration's stance in a California court case is not about defending traditional marriage, but is instead about defending traditional legal practice.

Justice Department lawyers filed new papers Monday seeking to throw out a lawsuit brought by a gay couple challenging the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA. Gay rights groups say that by doing so, the administration is failing to follow through on campaign promises made by Obama last year to work to repeal the law.

[For the full article, see here.] [Also see here and here and here.]

Ya think?

Please see this video of Rachel Maddow talking with Howard Dean on the subject of Obama's Justice Department's brief in federal court regarding DOMA:

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