Sunday, September 26, 2010


Rev. Long said that he was not the man that the TV portrayed him to be, but he never denied during that sermon that he seduced young men; said that he couldn't comment any further on advice of his lawyers.

He portrayed himself as the victim, and never once expressed any compassion for the young men who alleged that he had same-sex relationships with them.  He neither straightforwardly affirmed nor denied those young men's allegations!

Long has deep pockets, as can be seen by his lavish lifestyle and estate, and he may well be counting on that fact to enable him to successfully fight the charges leveled against him.

He likened himself to being David against Goliath, and enjoyed much applause during his brief sermon; it seems to me that his congregation is solidly behind him at this point.

Here is Rev. Eddie Long's sermon addressing the sexual scandal in which he is currently embroiled, followed by assorted commentaries and other related news items:

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