Saturday, October 9, 2010


A woman allegedly went wild in Colorado over a painting depicting Jesus receiving oral sex from another man.

If anyone wants to spit in the face of potential Straight allies, this is one way to do it; this act adds to the other ways that seemingly frivolous hedonists take the stage and feed into the stereotype that Gay=Hedonistic Sex! 

And it is this false stereotype that is a major basis whereby strident homophobes are able to bring potential Straight allies into their fold and win them over. 

Many people, even many seemingly self-identified Gay people, don't seem to see being Gay as having as its necessary component that of love, a love that is just as viable and as dignified as the love held by heterosexuals.  And it's up to those of us who truly care about LGBT equality to communicate this message as loudly as possible, in any and every venue possible.

As the small article concludes regarding this work of "art": It can, however, guarantee instant infamy
for an artist, so perhaps there's a silver lining...  

That's what it may be all about: one's 15 minutes of fame at the expense of the struggle for LGBT equality in which this artist, and so many others, play no constructive part; who act in counterproductive ways whereby they might as well be on the payroll of the most strident religious homophobes out there!

And where's the "silver lining?"  Is it the communication that Gay people are mere shameless hedonists?  Is it the communication that Gay people are irreverent sexual outlaws?  Is it in communicating the notion that one's career aspirations trump the need for dignity and decency?  Is it in communicating the belief that Gay people are not normal? 

Maybe to ask these questions of the traitors is to answer them!

As one person commented in an article I wrote: It is a hopeless cause, fighting for rights for people who don’t want them nor appreciate them.

Unless such frivolous and indecent displays, in art and in other aspects of life, are roundly condemned, and LGBT people and allies see the need to take the equality struggle seriously, full and equal rights won't come to LGBT people any time soon, and the fight for those rights will be a hopeless cause for the foreseeable future.

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