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I'm a disciple of Christ first and foremost!  Actually, I'm very theologically conservative in that I believe in the Resurrection and ascension of Jesus into heaven, the virgin birth, that Jesus is God incarnate, that the Bible is the inspired Word of God (if seen contextually and accurately translated), and in virtually all theological and Christological contentions that conservative theologians support.

Of course, I vehemently disagree with homophobic clergy, be they evangelical or mere haters who seek to frame their hate in the name of "Christianity."  And, it must be acknowledged, that there are many self-defined and self-deluded evangelical Christians who speak from the hateful preconceived prejudices that exist in their hearts!

However, secondarily, I also agree with Marx’ analysis of capitalism, save for his dismissal of God.  As much of organized religion does serve as "the opiate of the masses," and that many people create God in their own image, Marx was unfortunately correct.  He was dead wrong, however, when he proffered that there is no God and that God is a mere fiction created by the gullible.

However, I don't want to deal with this particular issue here, but I do want to deal with the role of Capitalism that Marx correctly said "contains the seeds of its own destruction."  Some of those seeds in the U.S. can be seen by the fact that capitalism requires many workers to live lives of exploitation, and that exploitation has as one of its results the need for affirmation that often comes by creating one or more out-groups, constructed enemies, so that one can feel better about him/herself and feel morally superior, as well as cement in-group solidarity that shared hate can bring to those who are exploited.

Wealthy people can, of course, be homophobic, but that homophobia may in great part be used to influence the exploited workers to cast as the enemy groups other than those who are, in fact, exploiting them.  Workers are needed in order for capitalists to be successful, so they must be lulled into believing that they have a stake in capital property, as well as a stake in the values of the capitalists, the power elite; what better way of deflecting workers' animus against capitalists who are exploiting them than to monopolize the media, manipulate the media, to get many Straight people to think that Gay people are somehow a threat to the well-being of children, families, "our American way of life," and religion?

The capitalists, the owners of the means of production and the media, have a vested interest in having workers fighting against each other rather than direct their resentment where it should belong.  Outsourcing, diminishing of workers' salaries in proportion to the economic gains of the corporate elite must be subordinated in workers' psyches by encouraging a war of all against all, be it against Gay people, Jews, African Americans, immigrants, women, etc.

This is not to say that homophobia doesn't occur in the absence of capitalism, for I am a firm believer in Original Sin!  It is to say that in developed countries such as in the U.S., where survival of the fittest, the hallmark of Social Darwinism without which it is impossible to understand much of the values and fabric of the U.S., and in the ideology of many workers who have no vested interest in believing this sociopathic axiom, an axiom that can be heard on a daily basis on most of talk radio, leads to the seeking out of scapegoats against whom to vent their frustrations and resentments borne of their own economic oppression and exploitation.
Marx called this phenomenon, "false consciousness," where people act against their own best interests because they are misdirected by the media and other institutions ruled by the capitalists.  Homophobia is one such manifestation of false consciousness!

Let's face it, why would anyone care if two adult people of the same sex love each other?  Why would there be people making a veritable career out of condemning Gay people unless there was money to be made by doing so, and/or unless they were fearful of being Gay themselves?  Why would most churches have such animus against Gay people unless they were acting as agents of the power elite and/or were comprised of clergy many of whom are self-loathing Gay people?

When there is relative scarcity of goods and services that capitalism demands for the owners of the means of production to maximize their profits, workers become frustrated and angry, and they seek out all sorts of constructed "enemies" against which to direct their anger, so that they can remain safer than they would if they directed their frustration, anger, and aggression against those creating their exploitation; direct that very frustration, anger, and aggression against groups that they feel are safe to persecute, and seek to justify their persecution of that constructed enemy by lying about them, often doing so in the name of God.

Now, the major scapegoats that serve to assuage the frustrations and consequent aggression of the exploited are Gay people!

Carl Jung once said that only the tortured are torturers!  And one doesn't have to be a Marxist to understand this truth!

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genevieve said...

Jerry, like you, my theology is on the conservative side. I also see the damage these 'Christians' have done to the TGLB community. I agree that the powers that be pit the masses against each other to take the heat off them. People need to see that we need to work together to resolve our issues.

Jerry Maneker said...

Amen, genevieve! Best wishes, Jerry.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm... yeah.

Perhaps it would be a little more convincing to focus on the role of Christianity in creating homophobia, eh? Just a thought.

Jerry Maneker said...

Anonymous: If you read my previous posts, you will find that I have written on this subject many times. Best wishes, Jerry.

Rick said...

If you really pay attention to these glbt marriage activists you will find that they aren't just seeking equal rights they are actively trying to destroy marriage altogether, they say as much themselves! And you Jerry are helping them! To break down marriage is to breakdown morality and basic family structure. It's part of the fabric of our society and these people seek to destroy it, that is a fact! they want to destroy the nuclear family. I love all people including gays but that doesn't mean I should just sit back and watch as traditional American values and traditions crumble and society fall further into depravity!

Jerry Maneker said...

Hi Rick: When gay people get married they are not destroying marriage but affirming it for themselves as well as for heterosexuals. Gay people have families too, and their sexual orientation shouldn't in any way be a factor in depriving them of the life-long love they share with a partner, and affirmed by society and the Church. I have been married for 52 years, and gay people getting married has in no way harmed my marriage, nor does it harm the marriages of other heterosexuals. Best wishes, Jerry..

Jim said...

Jerry, I'm a straight guy trying to find scriptural reasons for not condemning homosexuality; I am trying to put together honest, reasonable arguments to support the gay cause. I came across your article: 'Some Talking Points on Christianity and Homosexuality' and started to read it. It started well but then I began to think that you, like all the other articles I read, were trying to stretch some scriptures too far to support your case. The I came to: 'As it says in Luke, this is a slave who was “dear to him.” (Luke 7:2) Why is the Greek word “pais” translated as “servant” in English, when this Greek word is best translated “slave boy?” “Doulos” is the Greek word for slave! A “pais” was frequently one who had a romantic-sexual relationship with an older man; that may well be why the centurion was so concerned about this particular young man and asked Jesus to heal him.

I decided to check on this as I had not seen it before and unfortunately saw that you were wrong, if not being deceptive. The Greek word in Luke 7:2 is δοῦλος,n \{doo'-los}, not"pais". While παῖς can be interpreted from Greekas a 'slave boy' in a sexual way, it is not used here. I performed a search for this word in the New Testament and found not even one instance.

This kind of deceptive writing does not help the cause, rather I suspect most who find this out would rightly trash everything you write as dishonest. After finding this out, I can't be bothered to check out any more of your writing. Jim.

Your dishonesty just keeps people from finding the truth of the matter - which ever side the coin falls.

If you can explain your point logically, scripturally and with examples, I would be more than willing to take back all my words and apologize. Please enlighten me if you can.

Jerry Maneker said...

Thanks for pointing out my error, Jim. I got the source regarding pais from a non-biblical source and it was wrong, as was I. I would hope that this one error won't make a difference in your dealing with the inclusiveness of the Gospel of Christ, however.