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On his excellent blog, Christ, The Gay Martyr, my good friend Don Charles wrote a four part post that spells out better than anything else I have read on this issue the cluelessness and naivety and/or distorted thinking of many Gay people regarding their right to be treated as full fledged citizens of the U.S.; the anemic, pathetic nature of so many of the leaders of the institutional Church, particularly as it relates to LGBT rights, and as expressed and highlighted at President Obama's inauguration.

The following is the email he sent describing this four part post on his blog, and it summarizes his post far better than anything I can write about it. I am not exaggerating when I strongly advise you to read his post of January 21st., and circulate it to all those whom you feel would be interested.

Although he says very kind words about me for which I am very grateful, the major thrust of the value of his post lies in Don Charles' trenchant critique and condemnation of those professing Christian leaders who water down the Gospel of love to accommodate their prejudices; those professing Christian leaders who omit even discussing the Gospel in favor of being people-pleasers; those professing Christian leaders who see no disconnect between professing to be Christians in favor of "justice," and yet seek to deny that "justice" to Gay people, as seen in the inaugural prayers of Bishop Gene Robinson, Rick Warren, and Joseph Lowery.

"Wayward servants like the Reverends Warren, Lowery and Robinson are of little value to the Lord! God has no use for celebrity Dominionists who rush to take advantage of high-profile photo opportunities. He has no need for faded Civil Rights icons who compromise equality principles in order to share in a moment of glory. He has no time for idolatrous preachers who pray to whatever deity seems appropriate at any given time. He wants disciples who glorify His name, follow His Law and spread His Gospel whenever and wherever they get a chance, regardless of consequences. That's precisely what Jerry Maneker would do, and that's precisely why no President-elect will ever invite him to pray at an installation ceremony. Most politicians, President Obama included, only want the appearance of Christianity, and not the substance.

Many LGBT folk seem to value appearance over substance, too. They're satisfied with token mention in political speeches. They're satisfied with token representation at inaugural events. They're satisfied with token appointments to the Executive Branch. They're satisfied with a President that's (allegedly) 'Gay-friendly' but not Gay Rights-affirming. Worst of all, they're satisfied with a Gay Rights movement that lacks urgency. They'll tell you that they want liberation, but they don't much care if or when it comes. They'll list you a hundred reasons why this isn't 'the right time' for full equality. I will never understand this attitude. How can slaves with their minds fixed on liberation rationalize remaining chained? How can they accommodate the overseer's brutal lash on their naked flesh? How can they welcome the taste of his degrading epithets on their own tongues?"

President Barack Obama takes charge of the White House, just in time for another provocative post at Christ, The Gay Martyr. It's the blog that reveals inconvenient truths, and you won't want to miss what's revealed in "Anytime You're Ready", Stuffed Animal's latest attack on LGBT apathy. Featuring inspired contributions from the Rev. Jerry Maneker!

To get a flavor of the analytical skills and hard-hitting insights of Don Charles, here is a brief excerpt from his four part post that I strongly urge you to read in its entirety:

...Don't know about you, but I don't feature playing professor to Straight knuckleheads anytime soon. The only thing LGBT folk have to "convince the majority" of is that we won’t tolerate institutionalized heterosexism anymore. If they don't already know why full equality is desirable in a democracy, then they're too damn dumb for us or anybody else to waste time educating.

We'll show the Rick Warrens of this world "the error of their ways" by telling them to shut up, picketing their public appearances, targeting their churches’ tax-exempt status, filing group slander suits, and anything else within legal limits we can do to silence their vicious anti-Gay falsehoods. Hate speech hurts! When you’re hurting, you’re in no mood to schmooze. As for "adding" us to "federally-protected classes", there's no class with more Federal protection than that of American citizen....

To read his four part post, Anytime You're Ready, click on this link.
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Jerry Maneker said...

To Anonymous: I intended to publish your full comment here given the fact that you're only 16 years old. And, I was going to comment on many of its fallacies.

However, you ended your comment by saying: "If you don't post this on your page you know that what I have said is true. If you think I'm wrong, then post it because you have nothing to fear."

Your ignorance is understandable for a 16 year old, and for that I urge you to read many of the posts written and many of the links in the Links section of my blog.

However, I have no time for arrogant ignorance! I don't shoot from the hip, and say things that can't be backed up by Scripture and/or theological reasoning. If you want to rely on Old Testament passages taken out of context; seek to apply the practices of an ancient culture onto contemporary society; rely on discredited translations of certain Greek words, I can't change your mind.

I can tell you, however, that you should study this issue for yourself and not rely on the prejudicial understandings of those to whom you seem to be listening.

And knock off the arrogance! Arrogance, just like judgment and condemnation of others, has no place in the heart of a Christian!