Wednesday, January 7, 2009


In this month's edition of In the Life, there's an excellent video entitled, "Ties That Bind," that is well worth watching.

The programs on this video range from the destructive nature of "ex-gay ministries," to the very thoughtful dialogue between Rev. Gene Robinson and Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, to the struggle of Gay Muslims, especially those living in Muslim countries.

This video highlights the destruction that warped, distorted, religion and "Christianity" have visited upon countless numbers of people.

Judaism and Christianity are about "love" and "justice" [Unfortunately, I'm not competent to speak about Islam.]; about taking care of the vulnerable, the poor and the disenfranchised in a spirit of humility.

However, we all too often see in the pubic square, in the media, those claiming to speak for Christianity who have absolutely no knowledge of the claims of Christ upon our lives, and who seemingly delight in condemning the most vulnerable people in society.

Such hateful people are not Christians, regardless of how many times they go to church or all the "God talk" they speak, but are ravenous wolves, many of whom would likely feel as comfortable as Brown Shirts as they do as homophobic professing "Christians" and "clergy."

Anyone can call him/herself a Christian, but a professing Christian's homophobic and discriminatory rhetoric and behavior betrays that person to be not a Christian but an agent of the devil! And those who call themselves "Christians," and who remain silent amidst the oppression visited by these wolves upon LGBT people, are aiding and abetting the very work of the devil!

No Christian is capable of vilifying vulnerable people, or shouting hateful epithets against any of God's children! These pseudo-Christians are, by so doing, demeaning the sovereignty of God, just as they demean God's LGBT children; show lack of faith in God in not honoring all of God's creation!

They seek to change and condemn what God has made, and commit the most grievous sin imaginable, the sin of pride, whereby they are, in essence, saying that they know what God wants, and that they know better than God, and that God makes mistakes.

The fact is that God is sovereign, and God doesn't make any mistakes!

To be an LGBT person is to have been gifted by God, and all the hateful pronouncements and epithets to the contrary in the world made by those wolves, who ignorantly and sanctimoniously quote distorted and erroneously interpreted verses from the Bible to justify their preconceived prejudices, can never undo that fact!

Please click on this link to watch the video.
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