Thursday, June 11, 2009


Don Charles wrote another superb post on his blog,"Christ, The Gay Martyr," to which I want to call your attention and that I hope you read in its entirety. It is a three-part post, and well deserving of serious consideration and implementation.

The title of his post is March Down Babylon, and I think that by reading his post you will see the accuracy of that title as not only being faithful to the contents of his post, but as also being faithful to the tragic impasse at which the struggle for Gay rights currently finds itself.

Part of his three-part post reads as follows:

It's fundie preachers who liken us to murderers, rapists, thieves, prostitutes and hard drug abusers. Their mendacious doctrine is the core reason why Gay kids are bullied, Gay Boy Scouts are banned, and Gay soldiers are forced to hide their sexual orientation; why LGBT topics can't be discussed in most schools; why Gay adoption and foster-parenting is controversial; why community leaders, athletes and celebrities who are Gay cower in the closet; why Lesbian couples aren't depicted in TV commercials; why movie projects with LGBT characters and non-comedic subject matter lack for funding in Hollywood. It's why efforts to repeal DOMA and pass ENDA repeatedly stall in Congress. Worst of all, it's why hate crimes happen to us. We're being maimed and killed as a result of this demonization!

Our worst troubles can be traced back to some church pulpit or other. These so-called houses of God are anything but! Once upon a time, Babylon was a wicked city. Now, it's a wicked church, filled with twice as much evil than that fabled city ever contained.

Beyond detailing many of the reasons for the relative lack of traction, and some notable losses, of a forward momentum for full and equal civil rights for Gay people, Don Charles suggests viable remedies to move the acquisition of equal rights forward in a meaningful way.

It's no accident that homophobic clergy are still allowed to spew their venom; it's no accident that a "liberal" like Obama is not desirous of immediately repealing DADT or DOMA; it's no accident that homophobes can lie about Gay people's lives with impunity; it's no accident that religious homophobes can profit from Joseph Goebbels' [Hitler's propaganda minister] assertion that no matter how big the lie, if it's repeated often enough people will come to believe it.

What can we do to diminish or even abort hateful rhetoric and discrimination against LGBT people? What are some viable tactics that we can utilize to shut he mouths of haters, and educate potential Straight allies as to the necessity of not tolerating second-class citizenship of Gay people who are currently bereft of equal rights that Straight people enjoy? What can we do to shorten the time when there will be equal rights for LGBT people?

Read Don Charles' excellent three part post MARCH DOWN BABYLON to help answer these questions!
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