Friday, June 5, 2009


This article by Deb Price entitled, "Democratic inaction frustrates gay equality activists," highlights two main points that I feel must be fully understood:

1. We can't count on politicians out of the goodness of their hearts to take the lead in acquiring equal rights for LGBT people. There must be coordinated grassroots and organizational activism that pressures him and other politicians, including judges, to see to it that there are to be no second class citizens in the United States.

2. We might well have been better off if McCain had won the election in regard to civil rights for LGBT people, in that liberals wouldn't have been falling all over themselves hoping against hope that Obama has his heart in the right place, and in the fullness of time he'll come through and see to it that there is full equality for Gay people. Had McCain won the election, there would have been no mystification concerning equal rights and, therefore, there might have been enough anger generated to have provoked far more expressed rage at this injustice than we now see evidenced.

I think enough time has elapsed to show Obama to be just another two-faced politician! When you get beyond the empty rhetoric, the youth, the charm, and the winning smile, there is little there, and we can't count on either him or any other politician to do what needs to be done to achieve equal rights.

Part of Deb Price's commentary reads as follows, and I urge you to read her commentary in full:

The November presidential election results signaled the opening of a huge window of opportunity for gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.

Yet, as a ticking clock points out at the Web site of a new grassroots uprising, President Barack Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress are in their fifth month of political power with "0% Equality Achieved."
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