Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The Advocate asked, “Over the weekend, former president Clinton came out in full support of same-sex marriage and he called his previous position against it 'untenable.' What does the president think about that?”

Gibbs responded, “I have not talked to him. I did not see President Clinton’s comments and I haven’t talked directly to [President Obama] about it.”

[For the full article, see here.]

Despite superficial rhetoric, it's clear that Obama doesn't give a damn about LGBT people, their second-class citizenship, and their lack of equal rights.

He shows he has no desire to remove DADT which he could do by merely issuing an Executive Order; he is in favor of DOMA (contrary to his cynical electioneering rhetoric), and Obama and Gibbs must think we're chumps who would buy into their deceit.

One has to live in a cave not to know of Bill Clinton's turnabout regarding same-sex marriage, now being in favor of it.

Gibbs, as Press Secretary, and Obama had to know about Clinton's current position, and for them to deny it shows a crass indifference to LGBT people.
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