Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This brief video is taken from the website of the National Organization for Marriage:

Now, while running for the office of President, Barack Obama had this to say regarding his views concerning same-sex marriage:

After progressives, and even the Obamamaniacs, have been kicked in the teeth by Obama's betrayal of Gay people, as seen in his advocating for DADT in federal court; having Gay military personnel undergo the humiliation of having a questionnaire circulated among military personnel concerning their comfort levels when associating with Gay people; fighting for DOMA in federal court; the Democratic Congress not enacting ENDA; Obama not issuing a stop loss Executive Order preventing people like Lt. Dan Choi from being discharged from the military for being an out and proud Gay person, I'm convinced that most Progressives will stay home on election day in 2012, and the Reactionaries will go to the polls in droves so as to make this country even more Reactionary than it already is.

Our best hope for the acquisition of LGBT rights existed with a Democratic president and a largely Democratic Congress! We now see that our hopes have been dashed under the bus of political expediency and indolence where Obama seems to have never really cared, or perhaps only anemically cared, about equality for LGBT people, despite his lofty and, in my opinion, hypocritical rhetoric.

He made it clear while he was campaigning for President that he was not in favor of "marriage" for Gay couples, and that makes him no different from groups like NOM that feel the same way.

In my opinion, we are in for a much more severe Reactionary stance in the United States that will not only stall any meaningful movement for LGBT rights, but will likely rescind some of the rights that LGBT people now have.

And it may just take that political and cultural scenario to motivate LGBT people and allies to become far more serious in demanding the very same civil rights that heterosexuals enjoy!
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