Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This is another reason why churches should have their tax-exempt status removed!

Any Gay person who attends the LDS Church, the Roman Catholic Church, or any church that in any way discriminates against LGBT people is not only a masochist, but by his/her support of that institution is lending credibility and moral authority to that church and its officials.

By a Gay person's mere attendance at such churches, he or she is both supporting those churches, showing their own self-loathing masochism (often masked and rationalized by their stated desire to "work from within" the institution to change it), and are retarding the acquisition of full and equal civil and sacramental rights of LGBT people everywhere!

It's only when LGBT people, and all people of good will, flee those oppressive and destructive institutions like the authoritarian and discriminatory plague that they are, will those institutions either cease to exist, or change their "theology" to accommodate the Gospel that they falsely say they preach and practice!

Regarding a "change in theology" or having a "new revelation," this article is instructive regarding the LDS Church's history in its views of Black people until in 1974 it received a "new revelation." One day, once LGBT civil rights are finally won in secular society, these oppressive institutions will again get "a new revelation" and finally accept LGBT people. What an indictment against them!

If any Gay person, or any decent person who is truly a Christian, doesn't express revulsion against oppressive and discriminatory institutions, and flee them, he or she is just as culpable in the inestimable suffering that they perpetrate as are their leaders, and they betray and make a mockery of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
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