Wednesday, October 29, 2008


In part of my July 7, 2008 post entitled, "It's Not About Issues; It's About The Reactionary Mind-Set of the Power Elite and its Allies", I wrote the following about self-styled "evangelical Christians":

"Flagrant disregard of life and limb lost in an unjust and immoral war doesn't seem to bother these public advocates for the rights of the unborn! The irony of their seeming to care for pre-born babies doesn't seem to carry over to their caring for the countless thousands who have already been killed and maimed in the Iraq war, and the many yet likely to be killed and maimed if John McCain becomes President.

"What is important to them is to maintain their mind-set of exclusion of 'the other,' their constructed enemy, be that 'other' African Americans, women, LGBT people, or whatever enemy they seek to construct so as to maintain both their hegemony in society, and to help assure that the existing social structure continues to favor them and their ideology, an ideology that has relatively little to do with their 'Christian' profession, and certainly nothing to do with Christianity itself!"

For example, although John McCain was once rejected as a viable candidate by James Dobson, one of the major spokespeople for "evangelical Christianity" (See here.) now, not only are most, particularly older, "white evangelical Christians" fully behind McCain's candidacy, but also on October 8th, James Dobson, who last year said that he wouldn't under any circumstances vote for McCain, now states that he fully supports McCain for President.

Again, the Reactionary mind-set won over Dobson's stated commitment toward what he and many other "evangelicals" call "Christian values." Now, many, particularly older "evangelical Christians," are now predictably touting McCain as preferable to Obama:

"John McCain is solidly winning white evangelical Christians on the ballot. White evangelical Christians support John McCain 71 percent to 23 percent over Barack Obama, and two-thirds (66 percent) have favorable impressions of McCain." [See here.]

The following is a brief video that helps show how "straight talking" John McCain, supported by an overwhelming percentage of older "evangelical Christians," operates. But McCain's inconsistencies and/or downright lies do not seem, nor are they likely, to bother the self-styled spokespeople for "Christian morality" in the least!

Of course, McCain's not alone among politicians who speak out of both sides of their mouths at the same time, but this video gives us a flavor of one of the two people who aspire to become the next President of the U.S, and who enjoys the support of most "evangelical Christians.".

Although I have no doubt that Obama would sell out LGBT people if it suited his political purposes, as we saw with his association with Donnie McClurkin, it seems to me that he is the lesser of the evils given the challenges that LGBT people and allies face in the struggle for the acquisition of full and equal civil rights in the United States.

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