Saturday, August 27, 2011


UPDATE, September 1, 2011. "A Los Angeles, California Pastor Wednesday night evicted gays and lesbians from a meeting his church was having about SB 48, the FAIR Education Act, that ensures the correct teaching of the history of the LGBT community, along with that of the disabled and of minorities...."

UPDATE, August 31, 2011. And there are some who wonder why so many LGBT people hate what is falsely called "Christianity." Christianity is about love of God and of others, and to live simply, caring for others, and not judging others. It is not about hate and exclusion of others! If most decent people really knew what Christianity is, they'd become Christians! Those who call Gay people sinners, in the name of God no less, are committing a most grievous sin in that they are denying the validity and sanctity of what God has made! God made Gay people in God's very own image, and the haters will never understand that fact!

UPDATE, August 30, 2011: By his "church," and religious institutions like this, being tax-exempt, we are helping to financially support this bile!

Glenn Beck announced that to follow up his rally in Jerusalem, he will be appearing at High Point Church in Arlington, Texas, on Sunday. That church is notable for a particularly horrific example of anti-gay bigotry: its decision to cancel a memorial service for a Gulf War veteran because the deceased man was gay.

In 2007, the church volunteered to host a memorial service for Cecil Sinclair, a Navy veteran who served in the Gulf War. However, the day before the memorial service was to be held, the church withdrew its invitation. The Associated Press reported at the time that family members said that the church knew Sinclair was gay, but canceled the service "after his obituary listed his life partner as one of his survivors."

[For the full article, see here.]

This is a very good reason why churches should be made to pay their fair share of taxes, and no longer be tax-exempt. High Point church, as any religious institution, as a private organization, has every right to decide who it will accept as a member and to whom it will minister.

However, as an institution that is indirectly supported by tax payers, it has no right to discriminate against anyone. It seems to me that it would be money well spent to take this issue to court and agitate for the removal of tax-exempt status for all religious institutions in the U.S.

Tax payers should not in any way be subsidizing private organizations, particularly those who discriminate against others based upon affectional-sexual orientation, any more than we should subsidize any private organization that discriminates against African Americans or Jewish people. Moreover, why should taxpayers subsidize any private organization in the first place?
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Friday, August 12, 2011


UPDATE, August 24, 2011. This is SICK! And it may well have been made by homophobes who are mocking the stereotype of what they think Gay people are like. And any Gay person who thinks this is funny, and not a burlesque of gay men and what it means to be gay, must be deluded and filled with self-loathing.

UPDATE, August 17, 2011.

Words fail me! What idiocy and a back handed slap against Gay people! And, unfortunately, too many Gay people, many of whom are self-styled "activists" and "progressives," are too apolitical and/or clueless to even recognize that fact. I'll bet that these people, most of whom revel in using the word "queer," (definitions of which are "abnormal," "strange," and "mentally unbalanced") think that this scenario is very funny.

This ad is another indicator that shows the dumbing down of our culture, and the coarseness of views that deny the inherent dignity of Gay people and the normality of being Gay. Moreover, there will undoubtedly be Gay apologists for this homophobic ad, who will use as a reason that this ad is allegedly designed to raise money for a worthy cause. As if that is a justifiable reason to trash Gay people and same-sex love!

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