Saturday, May 26, 2012


An excerpt from a post is entitled,  "Gay Students Organize At Evangelical College - From Inside The Closet" reads as follows: 

"'We want to bring to light the presence of the LGBTQ community at Biola [University]. Despite what some may assume, there are Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender, and Queers at Biola. We are Biola's students, alumni, employees, and fellow followers of Christ. We want to be treated with equality and respected as another facet of Biola's diversity,' they said in a statement released on May 9, the same day President Obama endorsed marriage equality.

"Unfortunately for the group's members, though, they have to remain in the closet."

[For the full article, see here.]

One has to have a significant degree of self-loathing to attend any church, school, or other institution that doesn't accept him/her for who he/she is; in any way demeans his or her affectional/sexual orientation! 

Why would anyone with any sense of dignity or integrity attend such an institution?  The fact is that no LGBT person with any sense of dignity or integrity would attend such an institution!

Perhaps that's why they feel compelled to include the disgusting word, "queer" as one of the designations of their group!  Even while attending a "Christian" college, they still think that God makes "queer" (abnormal) people. 

Even in their desire to be politically correct they are pathetic, and are unwitting traitors to the LGBT Civil Rights movement, as are all those who use homophobic slurs as self-identifiers, foolishly thinking that they are empowering themselves, or "reclaiming" these hateful terms, by so doing!  It is important to always remember that the last word a Gay person hears when he/she is being bashed into unconsciousness or killed is "queer!"

Moreover, they seek to be "activists" from within the closet, a stance and a concept that would take a book to discuss! 

Moreover, these self-styled activists emanate self-loathing for even being at that school; to seek dialogue with the administration when they won't even reveal themselves is pathetic on its face.  And by their attending such a school is akin to being a Black person who joins the KKK and tries to pass him/herself off as White.

By attending and giving money to Biola, and other homophobic institutions, these students are merely giving credibility to these homophobic institutions; empowering them to up the ante in their homophobia by their pathetic refusal to directly confront the homophobic administrators on an equal footing.

Perhaps, not so ironically, it turns out that the most homophobic people in this scenario are the LGBT students and the other "fellow followers of Christ" who are ashamed of who they are and are continuing to support Biola by their presence and by their money!
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Monday, May 21, 2012


It seems to me that a lot of homophobia is due to use of the term "sexual orientation" when dealing with Gay people in the media and in common discourse.  Unfortunately, in America, and in many other places, "sex" evokes both positive and negative emotions that mirror the ambivalence of people who have been raised with the notion that sex has magical, often forbidden, properties; morally must be relegated to heterosexual people.

And when the term "sex" is used in conjunction with Gay people, it overarches all other facets of Gay people; potential Straight allies focus on the sexual aspects and features of Gay people rather than on the love that two people of the same sex feel toward each other.

Rather than use "sexual orientation" to characterize Gay and Straight people, it would be more accurate and profitable to use the term "affectional orientation."  That term far more accurately determines the nature of same-sex love and opposite-sex love!  And sexual relations, save for promiscuous ones, are byproducts of affection; enable long-term marriages, be they Gay or Straight.

What makes people heterosexual is the affectional relations that they have for each other!  Indeed, a person is heterosexual even if he/she can't have sexual relations.  The same thing is true for Gay people!  One is Gay whether or not he/she can have sexual relations!

So, it seems to me that it would be far more profitable and accurate for people to use the term "affectional orientation" rather than "sexual orientation" to characterize the intimate relationships that people have with one another.
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