Sunday, September 23, 2007


My friend, Don Charles who publishes the blog, Christ, The Gay Martyr, sent me this disturbing article that was also posted on the blog, Pam's House Blend that is entitled, "North Carolina: an anti-gay 'Can you be gay and Christian' forum."

The following, is my comment on Pam's House Blend that I made in reference to that article, and I thought you'd be interested in reading it:

"The Only People Jesus Excluded"

The only people Jesus ever excluded were the smug, self-righteous, legalistic bigots who placed yokes of bondage on others in the name of their religion! Those who make a veritable career out of judging and condemning others; who have the temerity to view their own interpretation of certain selected biblical passages as their idols; who judge and condemn others in direct contravention of Jesus' directive to never judge or condemn others, are not Christians!
Indeed, by their very rhetoric and discriminatory actions they show themselves not to be Christians, despite what they call themselves! Just because one goes to Church, or is a minister, or wears his/her collar turned around, doesn't necessarily make that person a Christian!

"Love" defines the Christian life! If one doesn't love and embrace others, and who doesn't fight for justice for ALL of God's children, is not a Christian, and it's high time that fact were acknowledged by both Christians and non-Christians alike!

To do "evil" in the name of "love," to hypocritically say they want to build bridges, but it must only be on their terms, is not only a sham, ruining the credibility of their assertions that they are "Christians," but hurts countless numbers of LGBT people and their families, and these "religious" fascists have to be aggressively confronted for being the haters that they really are, and who have absolutely no business calling themselves "Christians!"

Moreover, those who profess to be Christians and who remain silent in the face of the oppression of LGBT people, or anyone else for that matter, are just as guilty of this subterfuge, and they, too, must be confronted for their silence that passively "justifies" the hatred and hate-mongering done by those who spit in the very face of God!
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