Friday, September 21, 2007


For many years, I have contended that all too many clergy, evangelists, and other professing Christians are witting or unwitting agents of the devil! If I were the very devil himself, I could think of no better way of seeking to discredit Christianity (and religion in general) than by putting twisted freaks, haters and hate-mongers, front and center, claiming to speak for Christianity, the Church, Jesus, and God!

And, to add insult to injury, the mainstream media feature these rather limited human beings who claim to speak for the things of God who, undoubtedly, do far more harm than good by their rhetoric and/or discriminatory actions and, therefore, undoubtedly help to prevent intelligent, sensitive, and decent people from even taking Christianity seriously, let alone even considering it as "a reasonable faith" by which to navigate their lives.

Now we have some empirical evidence of the truth of this contention in the following article by Wayne Besen.

His article begins as follows:

"The Washington Post had a fascinating series last weekend discussing the rise of a movement representing 'nonbelievers.' The trend is worldwide, but is also taking root "in America, one of the most religious western nations. As radical fundamentalism has spiraled out of control, many people are standing up and loudly declaring that there is simply too much God permeating our society.

"According to the Post, the Atheist Alliance International's membership has almost doubled in the past year to 5,200. Its membership is mushrooming to the point where its national convention in Crystal City later this month has a 500-person waiting list.

"The article also points out that five books promoting atheism have hit the bestseller lists in the past two years, outpacing even The Pope's latest book on Jesus. That is enough to make even an atheist scream 'holy cow.'"

If I defined Christianity by the likes of those who profess to be Christians and yet who preach and live the false gospel of "hate in the name of love," exclusion, legalism, and perfectionism, I wouldn't be a Christian either!
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