Saturday, September 8, 2007


"A coalition of Broward County ministers gathered Tuesday to outline their plans to support Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle's recent criticism of gay sex in restrooms, parks and other public places.

"The predominantly black coalition of about 10 says its ultimate vision is to 'transform Fort Lauderdale and Broward County into the Bible Belt of South Florida.'

"In hopes of reclaiming the ''city's Biblical heritage,'' the group's leaders say they plan to undertake measures 'to ensure immoral behavior is not tolerated in the city or throughout the county.'

'''We as a body of Christ support the mayor because he is addressing a moral crisis,' said Mathis Guice, director of the men's ministry at Koinonia Worship Center. 'People have to understand we're in a spiritual war with Satan.''

'''We're not bashing homosexuals. We love them but they need to repent and we're here to help them,' said Rev. O'Neal Dozier, pastor of The Worldwide Christian Center."

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Most of these ministers were Black! What these ministers fail to realize is that they would have absolutely no credible voice outside of "their" churches, had it not been for the tremendous sacrifices made, including shed blood, to acquire the civil and sacramental rights that they now enjoy.

However, it seems that that was then and this is now! They're are, in effect, saying, "I've got mine, and I'm not like 'you people!'"

What these limited human beings fail to realize, or even don't seem to care about, is that White Supremecists were spewing the same kind of hateful, exclusionary poison against their ancestors that these malignant creatures are now spewing about LGBT people! This phenomenon is called by Sociologists, "the circulation of elites." That is, when one minority group finally gets to sit at the table along side the dominant group, the hitherto oppressed minority group will then turn around and find another minority group against which to discriminate, and seek to deny it the same rights and benefits that it now enjoys.

For anyone to demonize any group of people is hateful and bizzare! For Afro-Americans to forget their all too recent history of being victims of grinding oppression and indignities and play the same role as White Supremecists used to play, and still play, in respect to them, is pathetic and especially hateful.

It's pathetic, because they are aligning themselves with many reactionary people who likely wouldn't want their daughters to marry one of "them." And it's especially hateful because they are working to both deny full and equal civil and sacramental rights to LGBT people and, in the process, subjecting them to gross indignities by their rhetoric and consigning them to being both second class citizens and as being not worthy human beings.

And, just as the White Supremecists spewed their invective against their Black ancestors in the name of God and "love" of country, these Afro-American ministers are spewing their invective against LGBT people in the name of God and in the name of "love." And Rev. Dozier has the gall to say, "We're not bashing homosexuals. We love them but they need to repent and we're here to help them." Yeah! Right!

Any professing Christian who demonizes LGBT people makes a mockery of Christianity, using it as a hammer to tremendously hurt other human beings and their families; makes a mockery of God, by both consigning Him to the role of oppressor, and by seeking to demean and terribly hurt His children whom He, Himself, created.

Clergy and other professing Christians, who spew this type of venom, are no less than ravenous wolves who erroneously claim to speak for God, and who must be actively and consistently confronted for their demonic rhetoric and discriminatory actions that foment hate and self-loathing; foment suicides, assaults, and murders. And any Christian worthy of the name will confront them and their lies!

And any professing Christians who remain silent in the face of this verbal violence and oppression, or in any way support homophobic clergy by their attendance in the churches they pastor, are equally as culpable in this egregious sin committed by these haters, and puts the lie to their designating themselves to be "Christians!"
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