Saturday, May 30, 2009


DESPITE THE GLOBAL recession, the U.S. is promoting and aggressively selling a costly product overseas: homophobia. Uganda, one of America’s closest partners in Africa, is currently home to vicious and violent attacks on its citizens based solely on their sexual orientation and gender identity. The high cost in terms of individual privacy and freedom of expression is mounting daily. Regrettably, much of the inspiration and call for these attacks is coming directly from these shores.

In March 2009, three American extremists flew to Uganda’s capital city of Kampala to be featured speakers at a three-day training seminar focused on the “homosexual machinery wreaking havoc on individuals, families and society.” Attendees, including Ugandan teachers, pastors and parents, were bombarded with provocative lectures, slide shows and glossy materials that offered advice on how to fight the “gay agenda” and “cure” gay people from their sexual orientation....

U.S. extremists are purposefully stoking the flames of homophobia in Uganda and inciting human rights abuses. In contrast, the U.S. government should stand up for justice and let Uganda know that any law that curtails basic human rights is wrong, that arresting people because of whom they are perceived to love is a crime, and that inducing violence and hatred is never a solution for resolving social conflict.

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No wonder I know increasing numbers of decent clergy who are avoiding the term "Christian" with which to identify themselves, due to the hateful rhetoric that emanates from the mouths of all too many professing "Christian" clergy, and their blind followers, who have so perverted the Gospel of grace, and Christianity itself, that it is a profound embarrassment to be considered to be associated with them and their ilk.

Those who preach hate, and even export that hate, are often pathological people with hate as their agenda, and they use Gay people as their vehicle and whipping boy to externalize that pathology. Christians are not haters! Followers of Jesus do not preach hate or in any way demean or discriminate against other people!

"Christianity" is synonymous with "love," and every Sunday School or Sabbath School child knows this fact!

Many people with emotional and/or sexual pathology may well feel the need to teach and preach that hate (often in the name of "love") to externalize those demons. It doesn't work, of course, and that's why some feel the need to unceasingly reiterate their ignorant and/or hateful rhetoric, even from pulpits, and even expand the markets for that hate, even if it means going to other countries to do it.

Even exporting that hate, although often salutary to them in the short-run, usually does not ease their psyches in the long-run. That is why so many of them have to keep vilifying the targets that they view as "safe" to persecute until either those emotional and/or sexual demons are healthfully controlled, or another minority group is found that they feel is "safe" to persecute should their target group no longer be one that is viewed as a socially acceptable one to persecute.
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genevieve said...

And people wonder why GLBT people want nothing to do with God, the bible, or Christianity.

Jerry Maneker said...

Hi Genevieve: The only thing worse than professing "Christian" homophobes do than savagely hurting LGBT people and their families is their defamation of God; their perversion of the Bible; their sullying Christians who are Christians in fact! Best wishes, Jerry.


American Bible bigots are exporting hatred, but Africa is eager to buy the product! The level of barbarism is just appalling. In Swaziland the other day, a government official proposed apprehending Gay citizens and branding them on the buttocks. Shades of Nazi Germany! What's next? Real concentration camps? A "final solution" with ovens and gas chambers?

Jerry Maneker said...

Hi Don Charles: You write, "Shades of Nazi Germany! What's next? Real concentration camps? A "final solution" with ovens and gas chambers?"

It must be remembered that Germany was the country that could boast of Schiller, of Goethe, a country that was very civilized and sophisticated in the arts and the sciences. If the Nazis could take over that country, Nazi types could take over any country. Take care, Jerry.

genevieve said...

Seems that it happening here in America.

Jerry Maneker said...

Hi genevieve: That is not at all impossible. I'm very disturbed by so much of the hateful rhetoric on many radio talk shows. Moreover, the regression of "education" in this country has turned out people, many of whom lack much critical thinking skills, all of which make this society ripe for fascism. Particularly if the economy goes down the tubes, or even worsens, I can easily see how the hateful rhetoric in the media, coupled with so many people's need for scapegoats, can create a country that embraces fascism. The popularity of some radio talk show hosts, and the multimillion dollars a year they make, alone should give us pause in seeing the possible direction that this country is taking, and has been taking for some time. Best wishes, Jerry.

Steve in MD said...

There is one way that the problem of machoism, whichis really what drives homophobia. And it's supported by religions that always need someone to hate to sell their brand of Christian love, could be solved. These are of course the same religions that supported slavery and segregation, and gave the world the hatred of the Jews, Jesus own people. Which culminated in the holocaust and 50 million deaths at the hands of the Catholic hitler and his gang.

If Jesus, who never said anything about same sex attraction/homosexuality were to come back today, he would probably fix all these hate filled ministers.
I dare say that their would be a near final end of the world - the end of the world for all these hate filled ministers who'd be sent straight to hell, along with the Vatican discovering it was sinking into another Vesuvius.

I'm not gay, but many of my frieds are gay. The war on religious terrorism needs to be fought here at home in America. Against these people who defame everything that Jesus Life was meant to be as a message from the FAther, for all mankind.

Jerry Maneker said...

Thanks for your heart-felt comment, Steve! Anyone can profess to be a "Christian," but it's only by living according to the tenets of Jesus' admonitions for us to love and not judge others that we can separate the Christians from the thugs who live among us. All too many thugs pass themselves off as "Christians," and so many gullible people believe them and their hate-filled rhetoric. And you're absolutely right when you say that there must be a war against "religious terrorism," and I hope that increasing numbers of people see the truth of your assertion. Best wishes, Jerry.