Thursday, May 28, 2009


Assemblywoman Janet L. Duprey said a lesbian couple who live on her street helped change her mind.

“They are asking only for equal protection under the law,” said Ms. Duprey, a Republican whose district along the Canadian border in the North Country overlaps with the Senate district of Elizabeth Little, another Republican who gay rights supporters believe is within reach.

“They deserve no less than to have the same rights and ability to share their love,” Ms. Duprey added.

[For the full article, see here.]

Putting a human face on both Gay people and on the unconstitutionality of maintaining inequality, as well as increasing numbers of decent people seeing the sin of reactionary religious people who ignorantly and/or hatefully seek to maintain what they erroneously call "traditional marriage," will enable same-sex marriage (and all other civil rights that heterosexuals enjoy) to become a reality in every state of the U.S. and become recognized by the federal government.

Regarding the Prop. 8 debacle in California, I'm convinced that within a couple of years there will be same-sex marriage in California. The California State Supreme Court's unfortunate ruling, opening up a Pandora's Box where the civil rights of any minority group is left up to the will and whims of the majority, Wayne Besen wrote an excellent article, part of which reads as follows:

There are now calls from gay and lesbian leaders to place the marriage question back on the ballot in California. The competitive side of me says, "bring it on, let's win." But, another side believes that the gay and lesbian community should simply boycott all votes relating to rights - and take our outrage to the streets and the halls of Congress. After all, why are we the only minority in the history of this nation that has had to explicitly win public approval for our most basic needs?
Hell, if African-Americans had been forced to win equality through referendum they'd still be drinking out of separate water fountains in the South. Yet, we are routinely forced to degrade our humanity and grovel to voters, who smugly sit on the throne, judging whether we are worthy to visit our ailing spouses (scratch that, we are now partners, again) in their hospital beds.

[For the full article, see here.]

I think that most every decent person given to even a little bit of reflection will quickly see the fundamental injustice in denying any minority group of citizens the same civil rights that they enjoy!
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genevieve said...

I agree that people need to take this to the streets. I still believe that there will be same-sex marriage in California and New York.

This Pandora's box was bound to be open after the supreme court in California upheld prop. 8.

Jerry Maneker said...

Thanks Genevieve. I definitely agree! Best wishes, Jerry.

paris15701 said...

Jerry, Thank you for giving the words to fight the ignorance of some of my religious friends. They've been using the Bible to endorse their hatred and bigotry! Thank you!

paris15701 said...

Thank you for giving me the words to fight against my friends who use the Bible to endorse their hatred and bigotry! Thank you!

Jerry Maneker said...

Thank you paris 15701. What you wrote means a great deal to me. My very best wishes, Jerry.

+JN1034 said...

Just learned about your blog. What a wonderful resource and living witness! Thank you for making time to kindle love and honour God.

Jerry Maneker said...

Dear JN1034: What a beautiful thing to say. To say the least, I'm very grateful! My very best wishes, Jerry.