Monday, November 5, 2007


My friend, Don Charles, blogmaster of Christ, The Gay Martyr, just put up a new four part post entitled: "The Miseducation of Donnie McClurkin." Here is an excerpt from part of his four part post that will hopefully whet your appetite to read his post in its entirety.

"This is the method organized religion uses to manufacture fundie closet cases, a procedure that no doubt goes back many centuries. So effective is this method, it's miraculous that anybody escapes its cruel indoctrination. God, the architect of Gay identity, makes such miracles possible. He inspires us to burst the bonds of self-loathing that Satan's trickery places on our souls. Every day, millions of LGBT Christians are breaking free from shame, challenging lies told from the pulpit, seeking and finding their true identities through prayer and research and therapy (the legitimate kind), and the evidence of their own life experience. Some of these newly enlightened folks are even preachers!"

Putting the lie to professions of being "ex-gay," and also putting the lie to homophobia, wherever it's found, particularly in most of the institutional Church, is essential, and Don Charles, again, does a wonderful job in addressing the goals of all decent people, and all Christians worthy of the name, to help bring down the lies that have caused untold damage to LGBT people and their families, and to the spiritual lives of countless numbers of people.
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