Monday, January 7, 2008


This video has been out for several months, but I wanted to post it here as it reinforces the need for all LGBT people who feel that God doesn't love them for who they are; who feel that they are not "normal"; who feel that they have to change their sexual orientation in order to be a Christian; who feel that they are in any way "disordered" or "evil," that those feelings are based on lies! God doesn't make junk! God is sovereign, and knows the beginning from the end, and knows each of us better than we can possibly know ourselves. This video contains apologies from some "ex-gay" leaders who now realize that they were perpetrating lies upon others, heaping needless guilt upon others, and who thereby caused untold, unnecessary, and unChristian harm to others by their rhetoric that being Gay was not only a sin, but that one couldn't be Gay and be a Christian. They now realize that all that "ex-gay" rhetoric was based on lies, and they are truly sorry for the harm that their lies have inflicted on countless numbers of Gay people.
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genevieve said...

I am happy that they apologized to those they hurt. As a transgender individual I found that God loves me unconditionally. I pray that these people are doing something to help thsoe that have been hurt by these ministries.


Jerry Maneker said...

Hi Genevieve: I'm glad that they have admitted their faults in deceiving so many LGBT people and their families, as well as everyone who believed the lies and distortions of the "ex-gay" industry.

My major concern, however, is the fragmentation of the LGBT communities, and so many people and organizations (e.g. Barney Frank and the HRC) being all too willing to omit the Transgendered from ENDA. I think that omission speaks not only to the "second class," "outsider," status held within the LGBT "community" of Transgendered people, but to the willingness of many people to use political expediency and downright selfishness to get their own needs met at the expense of others within the "community."

It seems to me that LGBT people are not only being hurt by the homophobes, "ex-gay" or not, but are being hurt by the fragmentation of the LGBT community itself, and its lack of esprit de corps and its commensurate lack of desire to fight for full and equal civil rights for everybody.

If there was such a fire in the belly for acquiring full and equal civil rights, most LGBT people would have come down with both feet on the liars in the "ex-gay" industry, and engage in grassroots activism, such as picketing homophobic churches, clergy, and politicians; engaging in mass, coordinated protests until full and equal civil rights are obtained.