Sunday, July 20, 2008


My good friend, Don Charles, on his excellent blog, "Christ, The Gay Martyr,", has a new two-part post entitled, "Credo," that must be widely distributed and read by every Gay person and by every professing Christian! As is typical of his writings, it is provocative and absolutely brilliant!

Here is an excerpt from his two part post:

"I believe that organized religion owes LGBT folk around the world an official apology. The Pope and other religious leaders should apologize for all the suffering, savagery and discrimination we've had to endure as a direct result of their hatemongering theology; and after they do it, every one of them should fall down prostrate before God and beg His pardon for the capital sin of distorting His Holy Word. Do you think it's disrespectful for me to suggest such a thing? Then you don't understand the meaning of disrespect! Gay people understand its meaning. I understand. Whenever I think about the millions of families that have been torn apart; the millions of victims who've been brutalized and murdered; the scores of innocents who've been jailed and executed; the dozens of livelihoods and reputations that have been destroyed, and especially the countless number of human spirits that have been traumatized and broken, I feel the blood begin to boil within my veins. Reparations are definitely in order here! I would join a class action lawsuit in a heartbeat; wouldn't you?"

I strongly urge you to read his two-part post, "Credo."
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I've already gotten nasty feedback on this post, Jerry. The commenter accused me of not backing up my "ideas" with "concrete evidence". I cite canonical and Gnostic scripture right in the text of the essay, and she finds a lack of evidence! Willful ignorance is an amazing thing, isn't it?

Jerry Maneker said...

Hi Don Charles. They are, as you say, willfully ignorant, and no amount of evidence is going to convince them. Their concept of God and of Jesus' life, ministry, and work on the Cross is inadequate or even totally lacking, taking a much subordinated position to their preconceived prejudices that have become their god, or blinded them to the point where even some Gay people (on her blog, she identifies as "Queer," which denotes issues of its own) don't have the interest to study about their normality and purpose in the natural and spiritual worlds as God made them.

Moreover, if I understand her biography correctly, she graduated from Oxford, so she certainly has no excuse for being intellectually lazy in studying this important topic that would do nothing but reaffirm her, and all LGBT people, as an essential part of God's creation.

It may well be that she has a hostility to anything spiritual, and once she saw that you were a Christian, she automatically assumed you were "the enemy" and didn't see anything beyond that! I know from personal experience that happens quite a bit!

Hopefully, one day she will come to realize that there is a wealth of secular, canonical, and non-canonical Scriptural evidence that affirms Gay people as an essential part of God's creation, and she will finally mature to the point where she divests herself of her need to label herself with such a hateful word as "queer," a word that her oppressors have used, and continue to use, when they verbally or physically bash and kill LGBT people.

Best wishes, Jerry.


Time and time again I see it, Jerry . . . LGBT folk who embrace words like "queer", "faggot" and "dyke" harbor deep self-esteem issues. Just suggest to them that Gay people are normal, and they fly into an indignant rage! Of course, you've seen this happen yourself.

Here's an excerpt from that article I was telling you about the other day. It's called "Pop Artists Celebrate Faggot", written by Joel Mancusic and Mark Bruno.

Jonny "The Gay Pimp" McGovern and Adam Joseph are leaders in a new crop of revolutionary Gay artists. With their outrageous records and music videos, they are ushering in a new genre of club hits to our nation's dance floors. Dubbed "faggot music", the colorful beats celebrate the F-word and encourage fans to reclaim their inner faggot. Many in the community, especially men under 30, are dooing just that . . . (the) "Faggoty Attention" video skyrocketed to the top of LOGO-TV's Click List music countdown show . . . these sparkly young artists are making people rethink the power of the F-word.

Q: What exactly is faggot music?

A: I like to think of it as dirty underground fag Pop. We are making Pop songs but dealing with Gay-specific topics.

Q: What do you say to people who oppose the use of the word faggot in your music?

A: You can run away from the word, but it's not going to make it disappear.

Q: Why is it important that the community embrace the F-word?

A: When I was a teenager, dealing with coming out, the idea of being a fag was terrifying. But as I came out and came into my own, I realized all those faggy things that I was afraid of being are what made me truly myself . . . I refuse to give the word Faggot any type of negative connotation. I'm using it to empower or fem-power (myself).

Q: What are you queens hoping to change?

A: I'd like for it to be easier for people, especially Gay youth, to access Pop music that shows being Gay for what it is: It's cool, fun, powerful and sexy! That says you can be as faggy as you wanna be, and don't let nobody tellyou different!

Q: How can the community support faggoty music?

A: Buy it, spread the word, respect it . . . and stop hating on us. We're doing a good thing for the community.

Jonny McGovern's "Keep It Faggoty: The Gay Pimp Remix Project" and Adam Joseph's "Faggoty Attention" are available online now. For more information, visit . . .

Had enough, Jerry? I know I have!

Jerry Maneker said...

Oh, I've had enough of his diatribe and self-absorbed nonsense, alright! What he and others who think like him fail to realize is that there is an LGBT rights struggle going on, and they are not only playing no part in that struggle but are actually opposing that struggle.

If they were enemies of LGBT rights and sought to deny Gay people full civil rights within society, they couldn't be doing a better job!

"How can the community support faggoty music?

"A: Buy it, spread the word, respect it . . . and stop hating on us. We're doing a good thing for the community."

Sure, Jonny, you're really doing a "good thing" for your wallet, but are doing tremendous violence to the cause of LGBT rights, and you might be just too greedy, stupid, and selfish to know it, or even care about it!