Thursday, October 23, 2008


A poll released yesterday, shows 48 percent of Californians in favor of eliminating the right of same-sex couples to marry and 45 percent opposed. The fate of this Proposition that seeks to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry by writing discrimination into California's Constitution in contavention of the California Supreme Court's decision last May, is too close to call.

Suffice it to say, please donate money to fight against Proposition 8, as the number of votes we will get is proportionate to the amount of money that we'll be able to be spent in defeating this Proposition. It was money spent on ads filled with gross distortions that largely enabled that Proposition to gain so much in the polls.

PLEASE DONATE TO FIGHT AGAINST PROPOSITION 8 and please call all your friends and acquaintances to go to the polls and vote NO on that Proposition.

Right now, the polls show that Obama has about a 5% lead over McCain in the polls. If everyone in California who will vote for Obama or even a third party candidate due to their disaffection with both major parties are asked to vote against Proposition 8, the Proposition will be handily defeated. But please contribute and ask everyone in California whom you know who intends to vote for Obama or for a third party candidate to vote against Proposition 8.

I have no doubt that should Proposition 8 pass, not only will permission be given for the possible violation of all sorts of civil rights; institutionalizing a "separate is equal" doctrine; institutionalizing same-sex love as being inferior to heterosexual love, but such an outcome will serve to further embolden the homophobes to place in their cross hairs the now taken-for-granted Domestic Partnerships and/or Civil Unions that currently exist within California and elsewhere.
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