Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I was just alerted to a new book that I thought you'd be interested in. It's entitled, A PRIEST'S TALE: AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A GAY PRIEST,"
by Fr. Donald Andrew Dodman.

On the above linked website, some excerpts from the book can be read to give you a flavor of that book.

The description of the book is as follows:

Exploring the questions of sexuality, religion, and the way beliefs evolve throughout a lifetime, A Priest's Tale: Autobiography of a Gay Priest is a unique window on the life of a gay man whose thirty years working as a priest of the Anglican Church of Canada provide him with a particular insight into the absurdity of the human condition and the intrinsic balance existing between the flesh and the spirit.

With candour and a dash of humour, Fr. Donald Andrew Dodman recounts a panoply of experiences from his personal and parish life that tell of the daily trials, triumphs, and peculiar incidents that make up the life of a working Anglican priest and a gay man.

In delving into his awkward childhood as a violin-toting misfit; his confusion and turmoil during university years as he struggled with sexual desires that were out of step with societal norms; the thirty years he worked as an Anglican priest in provinces across Canada with native cultures, as well as rural and urban Anglican communities; or his retirement, and the miracle of meeting his soul-mate just when such a thing seemed most implausible; Fr. Dodman reveals not only the maturation of his own spiritual and sexual philosophies, but also the changes taking place in the Anglican Communion and society in general.

To read this book promises to be a fruitful endeavor, particularly for vulnerable people who have bought into the lies propounded by all too many clergy that there is an inconsistency between being Gay and being a Christian; its being a personal account of one Anglican Priest's experiences in being both a gay man and being a Priest.
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