Thursday, February 5, 2009


The following brief video of a talk by Sister Paula is very instructive, and should be taken to heart by all thinking people, and certainly by all Christians.

[Regarding her reference to Sam Adams, the Mayor of Portland, Oregon, I must say that I really don't know the intricacies involved in the Sam Adams affair with Beau Breedlove beyond what I've read in some news items, so I can't intelligently comment on the merits of that particular case.]

Here is Sister Paula's message:

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genevieve said...

I listen to Sister Paula's podcast regularly. I looked at this podcast and am in total agreement with her. Too many evangelicals are more interested in someone's private life than ministering the word of God to the lost.

It seems the letter of the law has become more important than the spirit of the law. That's what many glbt people reject God and the bible.

I'm thankful that Sister Paula is speaking about these topics because it is needed.

Jerry Maneker said...

Thanks for your comment, Genevieve. The fact is that Christians are free from the Law, as Jesus fulfilled that Law and told us to only obey two commandments, the Great Commandments: Loving God and loving and not judging others.

Unfortunately, there isn't as much money to be made preaching the Gospel than in demonizing others in the name of Jesus Who had no patience with these wolves in sheep's clothing; who have done inestimable harm to people, turned all too many decent and intelligent people away from Christianity, and who spit in the very face of Jesus Himself.

Ephilei said...

Go Paula!