Thursday, March 19, 2009


This is an interesting article in that I agree that Christian groups should be able to exclude non-Christians from their membership if they so choose, given the fact that it is not inconceivable that, for example, militant atheists could join Christian groups and deliberately choose to sabotage those groups.

However, these professing Christian groups have brought this debacle upon themselves, by aligning themselves with haters, hate-mongers, reactionary politics, and those who demean and defame LGBT people!

This court's ruling can be seen to be judicial payback for the professing Christian haters painting Christianity as exclusionary in the worst sense of the word! And this ruling can be seen to be just the beginning of a backlash that will be felt by both the haters who mask themselves as Christians as well as by those who are Christians indeed.

And, everyone and every group that professes itself to be "Christian" that has either promoted discrimination against Gay people and/or has kept silent about this oppression of Gay people, even to the point of the promotion of the advocacy of denying Constitutional rights to Gay people as seen in the vote on Prop. 8 in California, deserves this kind of treatment from the courts!

And we can expect this kind of backlash to be just the beginning in not only the Judicial, but in virtually every other political, social, and institutional arena!
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genevieve said...

I think that when Christian groups deny Lgbt Christians the rigt to serve and worship in their churches is the crux of this matter.

All this week I have thought about my life before I was saved. I testify that I didn't understand a lot in the bible, but what I did understand made sense. I cited treating your fellow man and woman rightly as an example. I still believe this to this day.


Jerry Maneker said...

Hi Genevieve: The reason you believe in treating everyone equally is because you're a Christian. Those who do not show love toward others is not a Christian, by definition! Best wishes, Jerry.