Friday, February 19, 2010


I'm soon to enter my 70th year of life, and I've been around the block a few times, and I've yet to hear anything as sick as this rant affirming the virulent homophobia in Uganda.

Seeking to rationally sit down and reason with people who express demented reasoning like we see in this video is not only futile, but elevates their hatred to the same moral level as those who seek to live out the Gospel of grace (God's unmerited favor), faith, love, peace, reconciliation, and inclusiveness.

For years I've advocated that there be coordinated grassroots activism in each and every city or jurisdiction where one homophobic church is chosen to be peacefully and continually picketed during each of its services, where the picketers tell all who pass by, and the media, how the homophobia preached by that church and/or its denomination is antithetical to the Gospel of Christ.

To advocate the exclusion and even the hatred of others in the name of the Prince of Peace is bizarre, to say the least, and shows the bankrupt "reasoning" and vile nature of the oppressor who would advocate discrimination, and punishment of Gay people.

And to allow virulent, or any, homophobia to determine the deprivation of LGBT civil rights is just as bizarre as the message this video conveys:

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Leonard said...

Dear Reverend Jerry,

Thanks for this forceful entry and video...I think we can´t do enough to draw attention to the vicious and unhealthy antics of many clergy and politicos in Uganda as they terrorize LGBT Christians/others. Truly a sick group of religious thugs on the prowl inciting fear and hatred...very explosive in a country, Uganda, where vile behavior, vertical corruption, civil war and child sacrifices are running rampant...many Ugandans appear to plumb the depths of Hell for faux religious passion/salvation. I think we all ought be very careful about which NGO´s we donate money to as the Members of Parliament are notoriously dishonest. Lord, have mercy

Jerry Maneker said...

Thanks Leonardo. I think that what we are seeing in Uganda is an exaggerated version of what we see among strident homophobes in the U.S. and in Western Europe, only that the latter are more sophisticated in their "sanctimonious" rhetoric that belies the hate in their hearts.

To think that in the U.S. constitutional rights, civil rights, are denied and even rescinded largely because of "religious" rhetoric that distorts and lies about Gay people (as well as the Gospel), shows both the irrationality of the homophobes and the gullibility of most of the electorate (who shouldn't be voting on the civil rights of any minority group in the first place).

And the fact that in the U.S. we allow fallacious (or any) interpretations of selected biblical texts to have any impact on the civil rights of any minority group is bizarre, to say the least. Best wishes, Jerry.

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Jerry Maneker said...

Thank you very much, Pakar. Best wishes, Jerry.