Thursday, March 11, 2010


[Thanks to Joe My God.]

As I wrote regarding the above video:

Beyond what has been eloquently stated before by other commentators, my concern is also largely based on the silence of so many professing "Christians" in the U.S. and elsewhere against this obscenity. For a holocaust against Gay people to largely go unaddressed, let alone roundly condemned, by all professing Christians shows the corrupt and calloused state of most all of the institutional Church, and by most of those who profess to be "Christians." God's grace, the very heart of the Gospel, is nowhere to be found among these haters who hypocritically claim the very name of God as "justification" for their atrocities, and externalize the hate in their hearts by appeal to the "threat to the family," and to the "threat to Christianity," all of which are downright lies that are mere rationalizations that show the proponents of this hate to be nothing short of demonic.
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Leonard said...

For me it´s like viewing the progression of the most vicious form of´s not like I didn´t grow up listening to my friends, schoolmates, coworkers make ugly ¨cracks¨ about LGBT people...for years I drank myself into forgetting that I probably had the same impression of myself as Ssempa, the REAL LIFE MONSTER, does. I believe Karl Rove empowered those who once whispered filth into shouting out filth!

Ssempa and Lively both speak as if LGBT people are the vilest of the vile...not once have you heard them take responsibility for their own gossip/smearing actions, their own damaging campaign against millions of individuals whom they don´t know (mostly). Individuals who have individual character(s)...just like heterosexual people.

What a relief it must be for Ssempa, Lively, Bahati, Buturo and Orombi to take the focus off their own disgusting innermost beings by grandstanding on the backs of marginalized human beings...religious hypocrites and emotionally deformed monsters all...the crowd in Uganda is just the same ol´ same ol´...everyday gangs of Christianlike thugs.

Jerry Maneker said...

Leonardo, your comment is both brilliant and articulate! Thanks so much. Best wishes, Jerry.


I agree, Jerry, Leonardo's assessment is both brilliant and articulate. But just as horrifying to me as the undiluted bigotry of African theologians and politicians is the reckless frivolity of Gay "leaders" like Dan Savage, who get on TV and encourage Straight people to think of and refer to us as "faggots"!!! It was in that context that Lawrence O'Donnell and Bill Maher saw nothing wrong with telling crass Gay jokes on "The Keith Olbermann Show" earlier this week. The Dan Savages of this world make casual bigotry safe for everybody to indulge in. Toying with vicious slurs and ugly stereotypes in such an atmosphere of extreme ignorance is worse than lighting cigarettes in a room full of explosives!

Jerry Maneker said...

Thanks Don Charles. As you know, I absolutely agree with you! It's inconceivable to me that any self-respecting person would refer to him/herself as a "kike," "a "nigger," a "gook," etc.

The only reason LGBT people would use such equally hateful words as self identifiers, the very words used by the oppressor, is due to an unconscious and/or conscious lack of self-respect, shame, self-loathing, and/or profound ignorance in thinking that use of those epithets are somehow "liberating" and "empowering."

What those who use such words don't seem to understand, or perhaps don't even care about, is that use of those words merely give tacit permission for homophobes to both continue to use those words, as well as confirming in the public's mind that Gay people are, indeed, "queer," a definition of which is "abnormal." Hence, why should it surprise anyone that Gay people are the butt of jokes on TV and elsewhere?

And when there is a struggle for equal rights for LGBT people, use of such words both retards the realization of equal rights as well as betrays the cause of equal rights.

So, rather than being "liberating" and "empowering," the irony is that the use of such hateful epithets as self-identifiers is a major stumbling block to the acquisition of equal civil rights.

It's akin to having Stepin Fetchit be the Martin Luther King of the African American Civil Rights movement! Best wishes, Jerry.

genevieve said...

What did those who exported that hate to Uganda expect? Now they'll have blood on their hands if innocent GLBT people are harmed. THis is disgusting. Dan Savage and his ilk MUST be taken to task. Maybe I'll get the ball rolling.

Jerry Maneker said...

Hi genevieve: Homophobic clergy who spew hateful rhetoric already have blood on their hands! Anything that can be done to ameliorate this obscenity, in any and every venue possible, is desperately needed. Best wishes, Jerry.