Monday, May 24, 2010


Below, are two audio clips from two sermons delivered by Pastor Jeff Owens of the Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

That church's website states the following:

Welcome to the website of the great Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church of Martinsburg, West Virginia. We are thrilled that you have visited our site, and we hope that the information provided will be of help to you. It is the desire of our pastor, staff and congregation to serve you in whatever way we can. Our church is an old-fashioned Bible-believing, people-loving, patriotic church. Our congregation is made up of a group of very sincere Christians who have a goal of growing in the Lord and helping others do so as well. It is our sincere desire that you enjoy getting to know us through this website.

As you'll see, or should see, there is nothing "Bible-believing" or "people-loving" about that church!

[See here.]

UPDATE 5/24/10: "In less than 48 hours that Vimeo clip was reposted on more than 100 sites, including the Huffington Post. I imagine that Owens forced Vimeo to take it down. But don't worry, I'll find private hosting for the clip shortly and ensure that it continues to live in infamy." The following is that clip that is now privately hosted, and I think you'll see why the original clip was removed:

UPDATE, 5/25/10: I just found out that the reposted clip was removed from the site I got it from, linked below. If that onerous clip can be retrieved, I'll repost it both here and on the Sidebar:

[See here.]

UPDATE, 5/25/10: The following is the reposted audio link:

It is sermons like these, that are by no means unique in rhetoric and/or in feelings, in right wing professing "Christian" congregations, that have caused untold suffering to LGBT people and their families; can be seen to have helped cause suicides, harassments, assaults, and murders of LGBT people or those perceived to be LGBT; the use of pejorative epithets in regard to Gay people can be seen to reflect, feed on, and exacerbate the hateful animus felt and expressed.

Moreover, the tragic fact is that such professing "Christian" rhetoric has tremendous, and perverse, impact on how people perceive the Bible, Christianity, the Gospel, Jesus, and God; can be seen to be a major factor in the denial of full equality to LGBT people and same-sex couples!

A major reason I have this ministry is to help counteract the evil forces that would enable people who call themselves "Christians" to spew such venomous rhetoric about other people, as we see in the above two audio clips!

Reading such eminently readable yet scholarly books as Gay Christian 101, by Rick Brentlinger; The Good Book: Reading the Bible With Mind and Heart, by Rev. Peter J. Gomes; Steps To Recovery From Bible Abuse, by Rembert Truluck, will lay to rest any scintilla of doubt about the Bible's condemning "homosexuality."

If you are only going to choose to read just one of these books, I recommend the one by Rick Brentlinger. It deals with virtually every single question one can have concerning the fact that being Gay is not a sin, and is completely "normal." This is not a book you will ever want to be without!

For LGBT people who want to strengthen their armor against homophobes, be they religious or otherwise, I urge you to read Bulletproof Faith, by Candace Chellew-Hodge. This book is one of a kind and deals with how to emotionally and spiritually strengthen yourself when confronted by homophobia.

Being Gay is a gift from God, and all the venomous lies in the world will never change that fact!

UPDATE: 5/25/10: Undoubtedly after the expression of a great deal of revulsion against the second audio clip linked above, Pastor Jeff Owens gave the following apology that appears on Youtube:

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Zay said...

That really made me sick to my stomach. Even his use of the term "redneck". I only listened to the first one but it blew my mind

Jerry Maneker said...

Hi Zay: If the first one made you sick, you should hear the second one which is even worse, if you can believe it. I also put it on my Sidebar. This is the kind of hate, spoken and unspoken, we're fighting against. Best wishes, Jerry.

Jerry Maneker said...

Hi Zay: I just found out that even the privately hosted clip was removed from the site I got it from as well as from my site. I questioned it on the site I got it from and we'll see if it can be retrieved if and when it's reposted, and then I'll repost in on this blog. Best wishes, Jerry.

Jerry Maneker said...

Hi Zay: I was able to retrieve the second audio clip that is linked on this post, and I also posted his apology after that audio clip must have been greeted with a great deal of revulsion. Best wishes, Jerry.