Thursday, July 22, 2010


I strongly urge you to fully read and follow Don Charles' site, Ignorance is Plentiful, that highlights the counterproductive and, in fact, traitorous actions engaged in and/or embraced by assorted self-described "Gay Activists" and others who burlesque and revel in fulfilling negative stereotypes that are used by homophobes to justify their homophobia, and who also seem to revel in pariah status as "sexual outlaws," and who often demand equality with their voice but contradict the seriousness and seeming authenticity of that demand by their actions.

Here is a mere excerpt from the latest post on Don Charles' site:

“Our movement will never be taken seriously by the greater society unless we act like we want to be taken seriously . . . we should not be cavorting in the streets like fools when thousands of LGBT folk around the world are being so viciously persecuted, imprisoned and murdered. It's inexcusably self-indulgent.”

Predictably, "Free Speech" types popped out of the woodwork to defend Pride parade excesses. “Listen, no matter what, we're not going to stop Pride celebrations from happening, " stated someone who identified herself as JamieMcG. "And we're not going to stop people from wanting to celebrate who they are, nor should we, ever. But we can do our best to make sure that we are taking responsibility in whatever way we can to get our message out there.”

That’s the point, though: Getting the message out “whatever way” just ain’t gonna cut it! We've got to do it the right way. We’ve got to make a credible statement. This is what far too many Gay people fail to grasp. I elaborated:

“When an oppressed people have their minds on freedom, you can tell. There is a seriousness and a determination about them. That's what you saw in the demeanor of the '60s desegregation marchers. That's not what you see in the demeanor of most Pride parade participants! Tell me, how does suggestive posing, outrageous costumes, and public intoxication communicate the gravity of our struggle? There's a difference between a community showing the world its diversity and a community showing the world its ass!“

Please read Ignorance is Plentiful It treats the LGBT rights struggle with the seriousness that it deserves, and gives no quarter to those who, seemingly unwittingly, seek to undermine that struggle from within.
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genevieve said...

When thse against us see that we're serious things will happen. That's how African nations gained their independence. That's why the civil rights movement had an impact.

At times, I think some of the "activists" want to avoid any kind of challenge because they question their own beliefs. Challenge is something that going to come. Challenge and struggle opens up resources within us that we may not have known we possesssed. This is what we must do to achieve full equality.



Subconsciously, they do question their own beliefs. That questioning is called "internalized shame", and until they admit they suffer from it, their activism will be compromised.

Leonard said...

Thank you for this Don Charles and Reverend Jerry Maneker...I have cross-posted/linked and nodded my head...yes, yes, yes and yet, I understand the enthusiasm and defiance that we often live around/with amongst OUR own...for 32+ years I´ve been a non-drinking alcoholic recovering from my own ANGER ISSUES (self and directed toward others) see, for those earlier years of my life I actually believed that I wasn´t meant TO BE the authentic Homosexual person that God created me to be...I uncomfortably believed the lies (while striving to be someone that I/others would respect) at Church and beyond about LGBT people like me.

Thankfully I keep growing into emotional and spiritual well-being and self-loathing has been moved away from, far away in the past (mostly) but, it´s a process for a person like me...I understand secret self-destructive behavior and/or in-your-face self-loathing...Lord, have mercy but I think we are rapidly facing reality...there is no longer anyplace to hide (for anyone) from actively generating fear and hate.

Jerry Maneker said...

Thanks Leonardo. One of the tragedies confronting the LGBT civil rights movement is betrayal from within, where all too many have not moved beyond self-loathing, and who publicly parade its manifestations equating self-destructive and traitorous behaviors with "pride" and "activism."

If there were more mature, emotionally intact, people like you and genevieve involved in this struggle, so many of its current impediments would largely disappear, and the fight for equal rights would be immeasurably enhanced. Best wishes, Jerry.