Wednesday, August 29, 2012


All things considered, many gay and bisexual men are undeniably knowledgeable about HIV and AIDS but still participate in risk-taking activities. Our participants were certainly clear: Men do not like condoms, and men are led by powerful and deep cognitive factors....

Generations of HIV/AIDS workers have been distributing condoms to men who clearly do not like how condoms feel.... The hurdle isn’t necessarily a lack of knowledge. The hurdle is facing complicated variables that come into play during sexual encounters, which appear to be primarily emotional experiences rather then mechanical behaviors.

[For the full article, see here.]

Anyone who doesn't use condoms is a masochist, and this nonsense about "emotional experiences," and not liking "how condoms feel," in encouraging barebacking is a load of crap!  Condoms are so thin that it's very hard to tell the difference, so there's more to the desire for barebacking than mere "inconvenience" and "emotional" considerations. 

Some gay men are bug chasers, and show their self-loathing by engaging in that practice.  With all the discrimination visited upon Gay people, it is natural that self-loathing overrides potential emotional intactness and  logic for many people, so that they manufacture rationalizations for engaging in life-threatening behaviors, ranging from alcoholism, drug abuse, sticking fingers in the eyes of potential Straight allies, hedonism being interchangeably used for being Gay, and barebacking.

Indeed, there is a significant market for bareback porn among gay men.

The glorification of bareback porn is a dangerous development and is killing our youth. They're being taught that bareback is sexy, it is the norm, and it is how to behave. In turn, they are contracting HIV/AIDS at a staggering rate.

[For the full article, see here.]

It is crucial that Gay people override the hatred that has been visited on them from "religious" and secular sources, and develop an emotional intactness that affirms their self-worth, and would prevent the psychological need to hurt oneself by engaging in all sorts of risk-taking behaviors, including that of barebacking.
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I LOVE this post, and I'm linking to it in my latest Dumb Dora Award!

Any HIV/AIDS educator who does not concur with what you've written here isn't part of the solution to sero-conversion, but part of the problem.

Jerry Maneker said...

Thanks so much, Stuffed! I really appreciate it. Best wishes, Jerry.