Saturday, July 18, 2009


From the Washington Blade:

This is an excellent summary of federal court cases designed to rescind Prop 8, and DOMA in whole or in part.

In this connection, James Hipps of Gay Agenda has an excellent rebuttal to the hateful animus and intellectual bankruptcy of Rev. Harry Jackson and of others who profess themselves to be "Christian" regarding their seeming justifications for their homophobic position regarding same-sex marriage.

The following is a brief excerpt from James Hipps' article, which I urge you to read it in its entirety:

Now, let’s get down to facts…not your B.S. “religious” rhetoric!

You point out a few things including the declining marriage rate, the increased divorce rate, a rise in heterosexual cohabitation, and an increase in un-wed births.

How exactly is it that same-sex marriage is going to contribute to the increase of all these things? Same-sex marriage would actually increase the marriage rate, not affect the divorce rate and has NOTHING to do with heterosexual cohabitation or un-wed births.

I realize you site these examples because as in your words, “These statistics show the fragile nature of the institution of marriage today. Changing the definition of marriage will have many unintended consequences, which will hurt generations to come.”

I would ask again, let’s put aside your projected outcome, and let’s talk fact. How exactly does allowing marriage equality change the definition of marriage? Marriage is two consenting adults, entering into a “legally recognized” contract that makes them immediate family to one another. What unintended consequences will hurt anyone, or generations to come? What are you talking about? What facts do you base this proclamation on? Where are your statistics? Have you used Canada, Spain, South Africa or any other country that has ended marriage discrimination to back your claim? No…you have not…and your statements are rhetoric, false and come with nothing to substantiate your claims. Let me simplify this a bit. How would my marriage to another man affect your life, the divorce rate, or anyone else other than my spouse and me? The answer is easy. It wouldn’t.
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