Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The Obamas hosted a reception for LGBT Pride Month at the White House on June 29th, and the following is the video of Obama's speech to those who attended:

Many years ago, I gave a speech to a church, the topic of which I have long forgotten. However, my family was with me and after my speech an older lady came up to me and said, "Those were very nice words."

After she left, my youngest daughter who was about eleven years old at the time, said to me: "That's all it meant to her, Daddy. Very nice words."

That's what I feel about Obama's talk: "Very nice words." But words, in and of themselves, are completely meaningless, if not cynical unless they are backed up by actions that are consistent with those words!

I'm a behaviorist, in that I care less for words than I do for whether or not those words resonate with the actions one takes that either affirm or deny those words. So far, Obama's actions have denied those very words that he spoke!

Michael Rowe's article in yesterday's post beautifully summarizes the egregious actions, and egregious inaction, Obama has taken so far in his presidency, and they don't jibe with many of the words he spoke in his speech, words that were seemingly lapped up by those in attendance.
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Buffy said...

Indeed. As during his campaign Obama makes much pretty talk but he has yet to take any action. Thankfully many LGBT people have seen the light and are saying "enough".

Jerry Maneker said...

Hi Buffy: I was originally ambivalent about the upcoming March on Washington scheduled for October 11th, but now I'm in favor of it if it expresses the anger, if not the rage, at Obama's and other "liberals'" inaction in living up to campaign and other promises.

The facts that there are to be no second class citizens, and that separate is not equal, and that there must be equality under the law is not exactly rocket science.

Obama has shown himself to be just another politician who seeks accommodation and re-election. However, what differentiates him from most of the other politicians is that he grossly betrayed LGBT people who had hopes that he would live up to his campaign promises.

I hope that the March on Washington, and other meaningful activism that occurs, convey the appropriate level of anger directed against that betrayal. Best wishes, Jerry.