Monday, July 27, 2009


I think Obama is an angry man who seeks to be a people pleaser as well as being politically correct that goes along with being a people pleaser. These two characteristics are in conflict within him: being a people pleaser and politically correct that are in conflict with his deep seated anger, resulting in his masochistic self-sabotage.

Hence, the winning smile on the one hand and inviting Rick Warren to give the invocation on the other hand. He perversely knew on some level that there were other less controversial people he could have chosen to give the invocation, but he chose Warren at a time when he told Gay people that he was for their equality.

I think deep down he's a masochist who is manifesting that anger both toward himself and toward others who could be his allies. So, he sabotages Gay people with DADT and his Justice Department's legal brief on DOMA; he gets flack for what Rev. Jeremiah Wright preached so he dissociates himself from his friend and mentor of 20 years; he says he wants to remove troops from Iraq, and not only doesn't he do that but increases troop strength in Afghanistan in a war that we can't possibly win; he talks about "change" and continues to bankrupt this country, assuring rampant inflation, devaluation of the Dollar, risking the Dollar not being reserve currency anymore, etc.

He's one angry man, and that anger is manifested both internally and externally, and will eventually destroy him and his presidency, as well as do irreparable harm to this country.

Now, this anger manifests itself in his masochism by commenting on a situation about which he knows nothing, the Henry Louis Gates incident, which also sabotages himself.

Self-sabotage seems to be part of his life-script, and is, unfortunately, affecting virtually every American, particularly those who placed their hopes in him and in his empty rhetoric.
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genevieve said...

I have been disillusioned by politics for the past decade. I left the Democratic Party five years ago (now a registered independent). Republicans don't have anything to offer either. Both parties are beholden to corporate interests.

Jerry Maneker said...

You're absolutely right, genevieve. What makes Obama even more contemptible is that he seems to have no discomfort regarding the disconnect between his many promises when he wooed LGBT people for their money and votes, and then, after winning that office, he shows his contempt for them, occasionally throwing some crumbs of empty rhetoric, thinking that by that mere empty rhetoric, and having a party for selected Gay "leaders," he would continue to have their loyalty. I hope he is mistaken in that belief, and that revulsion and rage is shown him by LGBT people and allies in assorted Pride Parades, the March on Washington, and in all ways possible! Take care, Jerry.

Vanessa Law said...

For all the disappointments of the last few months, I am continually impressed at Obama's attempts to unify the political factions. It's not often a president is willing to consider both sides of the discussion.

As a trans person, perhaps I'd like to see more happening on that level. But right now I think there are grave problems being tackled. I'm willing to take crumbs so that those who don't have anything can eat.

Jerry Maneker said...

Hi Vanessa: Seemingly attempting to unify political factions does not necessitate any LGBT person to be deprived of full and equal civil rights! LGBT citizens must be under the same Constitutional rights and privileges as any Straight citizen, and Obama's political machinations, and downright betrayal of his campaign promises regarding DADT and DOMA, must not be overlooked.

No citizen should be willing to settle for "crumbs!" Whether we're LGBT or Straight, we must demand that we be treated with dignity and afforded all of the right, privileges, and protections guaranteed us under the Constitution, and not be at the mercy of the whims of Obama and/or the electorate who have no business in voting on what civil rights minority groups can and cannot have. Best wishes, Jerry.