Saturday, July 4, 2009


For this Fourth of July weekend, I'd like to have you listen to this two part video where Rev. Troy Perry, Founder and 37 year Moderator of the Metropolitan Community Churches, gives a sermon from which all of us can profit. It's entitled, "Going First Class."

Many LGBT people view themselves as second class citizens because of their internalizing often hateful "religious" rhetoric to which they have been exposed, and also because that is the way they are treated. Therefore, all too many LGBT people are rather quick to embrace rather meaningless political rhetoric and settle for what crumbs of incrementalism are doled out to them by politicians.

It's high time that all of us decide that no one is to settle for anything other than full and equal civil rights because God creates LGBT people just as God creates Straight people! And God doesn't make any mistakes!

This two part video is instructive in not only the message that is conveyed by Rev. Perry, but by your seeing a truly courageous man of God speak from his heart.

Part 1.

Part 2.
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genevieve said...

Great messages from Rev. Perry. LGBT people need to throw caution to the wind and NOT settle for second best.

Jerry Maneker said...

Absolutely, genevieve!

Kittredge Cherry said...

I'll never forget Troy's deep, booming voice saying, "You've gotta go first class -- or no class at all!"

Jerry Maneker said...

Amen, Kitt! All too many people settle for second-class status, and LGBT people should settle for nothing less than Straight citizens enjoy. In God's eyes, nothing God creates is second class. We all are made in God's image, be we LGBT or Straight. I just wish more people recognized this truth, and demanded full and equal civil rights; cede no quarter to homophobic clergy or others but, rather, confront them for the ignorant haters they are. Best wishes, Jerry.