Friday, December 21, 2007


Wayne Besen has written a superb commentary on the pathetic, anemic, and in many ways clueless, Archbishop of Canterbury [Pictured], Rowan Williams. Besen speaks to the cowardly, clueless "liberals" who are as much of an impediment to equal rights for LGBT people as are the outright homophobes, as they help enable the latter to do as they will.

"Serving as apologists for Williams' inexcusable lack of leadership by hiding behind the 'rules' is why church liberals often end up as losers. While our side is endlessly debating and deliberating about what Williams can't officially do, the conservatives are brazenly and creatively rewriting the rules (or twisting them) and seizing church property - in some cases, the court may find illegally. I, for one, am tired of namby-pamby liberal church defenders who won't stand up to such conservative bullying and provocations. If you cower behind technicalities and church minutiae - while the other side is in the throes of a hostile takeover - you deserve to lose your church. They simply want it more than you do - so maybe they deserve it."

[For the full article, see here.]
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