Monday, March 17, 2008


Please do yourself a favor by sitting back for less than one-half hour and listen to my friend, Rev. Troy Perry, talking about the start of the Metropolitan Community Churches in 1968, and his moving, emboldening, message of courage in the on-going fight for full LGBT equality. Every LGBT person and ally, Gay or Straight, Christian or not, deserves to listen to this wonderful, charismatic, man who is both a superb preacher and prophet.

It would take enormous courage to begin such a denomination today in many parts of the U.S. It's inconceivable how much courage it took for Rev. Perry to begin a church in his living room, a year before Stonewall, that was to be a special outreach to all people, particularly LGBT people. He began with 12 people in his living room, and now the MCC is world-wide.

Rev. Perry is still active in this essential ministry. He retired as Moderator of the MCC after 37 years, and now travels all over the globe to spread the message of God's love to all of His children; God made LGBT people just as He wanted to, and loves them unconditionally.

He is not only a delightful human being, but is extraordinarily intelligent, sensitive, insightful, courageous, and Godly to whom God gave a ministry and mission that, despite all sorts of trials and obstacles, he continues to carry out. He is a true inspiration who epitomizes a life lived that wouldn't make any sense if God didn't exist!

The description of this audio on the My Space site that contains various pictures of Rev. Perry taken throughout the years is the following:

"Description: An excellent expression faith in Christ for diveristy that exclusive Christians need to have the guts to hear, all the way though, with an open heart for people who are not like them in very few ways but really love God just as much and painfully endure traditionally exclusive ideas to maintain that faith; just like Jesus endured religious critcism, exclusion and ultimate death.

"This is an audio of a 1973 sermon by Rev Troy Perry about beginning circumstances of Metropolitan Community Churches with pictures of him changing every minute or so."

So, sit back, turn up your speakers, click on the link below, and enjoy this treat!
See the video here.
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