Tuesday, March 25, 2008


"The Catholic Civil Rights League is urging parents to protest a B.C. teacher guide that encourages discussion about diversity -- including sexual orientation -- in all subjects and in every public school classroom.

"The league says the guide, called Making Space, Giving Voice, will result in the delivery of lessons from kindergarten to Grade 12 that conflict in many cases with family values, culture and religion while also stealing time from core curriculum subjects."

[For the full article, see here.]

In the name of "family values, culture and religion" this representative of the RC Church is again seeking to help insure future lives of ignorance, desperation, misery, and unnecessary guilt by telling LGBT people that they are "abnormal" and if Gay people act on their God-given desires they are committing "evil."

In a sane world, one would think that with all of their ephebophilia scandals that have rocked that denomination, and that have virtually bankrupted diocese, where Bishops covered up the offenses and shipped the predators to other parishes where they were free to prey on other young people, that the RC Church would not want to throw any stones from its own glass house, and that it would focus on cleaning up their own act.

However, we don't live in a sane world, and this denomination still feels free to assume the "moral" high ground, and all too many gullible people still pay attention, even at the expense of the physical and mental health of their own children.

Yes, we do live in a world marked by diversity in all of its aspects! Indeed, God specializes in diversity, as can be seen in virtually every single aspect of nature!

Yet, the RC Church sought to divert attention from its obscene predators and the obscene Bishops who covered up for them, and had they not been Bishops in the RC Church they would be serving hard time in prison for criminal facilitation, by engaging in witch hunts in RC seminaries to weed out the healthy gay men (and those who were in any way supportive of "Gay culture"), while more than likely leaving in place those undoubtedly guilt-ridden gay men filled with self-loathing who were closeted and might very well manifest that closeted condition in one or more unhealthy ways now and in the future.

Now, the RC Church again assumes the moral high ground and seeks to foster more ignorance about the subject of sexual diversity. Why we would allow a bunch of presumably celibate men to lecture us on matters of love and sex is a mystery to me!

Nevertheless, people do listen to them and take their ignorant, often hateful, pronouncements regarding sexual and affectional matters seriously, all the while inculcating guilt onto their children and other parents' children, helping to further foster ignorance in sexual matters, and all the while helping to insure that more ignorant and even twisted people will exist both now as well as in the next generation.
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