Monday, June 2, 2008


This is no surprise, but the news just came out that the "Gay marriage ban qualifies for California ballot," and that story is located here.

For what it's worth, I'm cautiously optimistic, particularly given the results of the recent Field Poll, although mitigated by the results of two other polls, that the voters will defeat this measure by a slight margin, and that the California Supreme Court decision affirming same-sex marriage for California will prevail.

And, it must be remembered, that the Court's decision reflects the will of the California Legislature that twice voted for same-sex marriage and was vetoed both times by Governor Arnold Schwazenneger who felt it should be decided by the courts. Now, Schwazenegger supports the same-sex marriage ruling by the California Supreme Court.

Another item, although of unknown value, to throw into the mix is that there have been articles of late telling Californians how much more money will be gained if same-sex marriage becomes law in California and, as the late attorney Melvin Belli quipped, "Money doesn't talk. It screams."
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