Sunday, June 29, 2008


These three videos are well worth watching! If there was ever any doubts that shame and homophobia are unnecessary emotions, and that most all who condemn Gay people are likely to be ones who are afraid of, and even be in their denial about, their own sexuality, these three videos should lay those doubts to rest.

As I've written so many times before, people who are emotionally and sexually intact and who are comfortable with their own sexuality do not condemn the love between consenting adults of the same sex. It is those who make a veritable career out of such condemnation that are likely to have "sexual issues," so it is little wonder that most of the venom directed against LGBT people and same-sex love emanates from most of the institutional Church, the members of which have been indoctrinated into believing that their way is the only Godly way.

We saw this phenomenon in regard to the oppression of African Americans in the not too distant past (with Scripture verses deemed as suitable and appropriate to justify slavery and segregation trotted out as "proof" as to the correctness of the prejudices of White Supremacists) as we are now seeing in regard to LGBT people. "Religious" hucksters and haters will always find a ready audience that is more than willing to have its ignorance and prejudices validated and "justified" by similar and distorted selection of assorted Bible passages, often taken out of context and without understanding of the meaning of those words in the Greek language in which the Septuagint and New Testament were written.

We are to never give any credibility to these haters who revel in preaching a false gospel of exclusion in their use of hateful rhetoric and advocacy of discrimination against others in both the religious and secular arenas of society. And the way we neutralize them to the point where they are forced to climb back under the rocks from which they came (until they can construct, or capitalize on the creation, of another "enemy") is by fleeing them and the repressive institutions where they are given a voice to spread their hate, and reinforce the hate of those who lap up their Godless words and who ironically bask in the illusion that they are Christians.

I think that you will very much profit by watching these three videos, and you may very well want to send them to friends who are struggling with internalized homophobia, or who are attending homophobic churches, or who are in any way ambivalent or confused about the need for full and equal civil and sacramental rights for LGBT people.



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