Friday, November 21, 2008


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that constant discrimination, being the target of hateful rhetoric from many religious leaders, being called "sinners," "a danger to children," "immoral," and the like causes what is euphemistically called "stress." So many LGBT people live lives where they are rejected by family, "friends," neighbors, fellow workers, employers, etc., that stress is a normal adaptation to such abuse and to the threat of such abuse occurring. The passage of amendments forbidding same-sex marriage can do little but increase this stress, hammering home the second-class citizenship of Gay people, and the indignities and deprivation of benefits heaped upon them, their families, and upon the love they have for their partners. Physical abuse ranging from damaging epithets to murder are always a specter in the lives of LGBT people, and it's not surprising that LGBT people suffer disproportionately from stress and constant emotional trauma.

For a recent article on this subject, please see here.
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