Friday, November 28, 2008


Since the passage of Prop. 8 in California, I've been very optimistic on two fronts: 1. It's passage is likely to act as an impetus for needed realization, anger, and activism regarding the second-class citizenship of Gay people in our society; 2. Nationalize the demand for equality that Prop. 8's passage would have merely restricted to California. Indeed, as I suggested, the passage of this proposition seems to be a blessing in disguise!

This article is encouraging in highlighting both those fronts in the fight for equal rights, and in incorporating younger people in that fight so that a lot of their energies are focused on the tactics and strategies for winning that fight in the foreseeable future.

Moreover, the galvanizing of those energies is likely to have a positive effect on the judiciary that ultimately will come to realize the danger of the values of the majority to in any way trump any civil rights of any non-predatory minority group.

The only caveat regarding any type of activism must be that what public behaviors and activism occurs must be designed to incorporate the need to win over potential Straight allies.

I truly believe that many of those people who voted for Prop. 8, and other such propositions in other states, are not necessarily homophobic haters. Rather, most Straight people are genuinely confused about what being Gay is all about and, for a variety of reasons already copiously addressed on this blog, equate being "Gay" with being "hedonistic." The lie must be put to that equation once and for all!

The following is a selected excerpt from the above linked article; that article deserves to be read in its entirety:

"A few days after Proposition 8 passed in California, life for Joe Townley had already changed considerably. The 30-year-old gay man had donated money to 'No. on 8' before Election Day, but now he found himself leading marches through L.A.’s streets, co-founding a small grass-roots group called endH8now and thinking up new protest strategies with other young people. A British immigrant and former captain of the British army, and founder of his own Internet business, Townley saw himself as a unique asset for the post–Prop. 8 generation.

“'I’ve seen a lot, I’ve done a lot, and I know a lot about human nature,' Townley says. 'I know how to get things done.'

"Two weeks after November 4, with the anger in the streets quieting down, Townley senses the possibility of a newly empowered gay-rights movement, with a potential leading role for young folks.

“'[Older gay leaders] keep talking about including the younger grass-roots movement,' says Townley, 'but I don’t see that happening. I don’t see a passing of the baton.'

"Young people like Townley are moving forward by organizing their own protests, forming different types of networking groups and seeking the advice of longtime gay activists who also want the gay-rights movement to do things differently."

Please read the full article by clicking this link.
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genevieve said...

A fine article, Jerry. Young people like Vincent and Dave Valk can spearhead a new vitality in the movement. It's what needed at this time. Also young people aren't beholden to the establshed gay organizations which sometimes have stagnated and gotten complacent.

Jerry Maneker said...

Thanks Genevieve. It's going to take meaningful grassroots efforts and activism to move those organizations forward, as well as being the major vehicle to move forward the cause of equal rights, that will also help the Judiciary see the fallacy of "separate is equal" that was shown to be onerous and unconstitutional in the case of African Americans in their civil rights struggle. Best wishes, Jerry.

Anonymous said...

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Jerry Maneker said...

Thank you, Anonymous, but I Can't respond as I don't speak this language. Best wishes, Jerry.