Thursday, September 18, 2008


On Tuesday, I received an email from Stephanie Higgins, Director of the film, THE GAY MARRIAGE THING who has just released her independent film on DVD. I strongly urge you to download this film, as it puts a human face on the issue of same-sex marriage that is particularly crucial as we approach votes that threaten already existing same-sex marriage rights in California embodied in the mean-spirited Proposition 8; the issue of same-sex marriage that will most definitely be increasingly discussed in other states as well.

As Ms. Higgins wrote me:

"The film presents the politics, the piety, and the people embroiled in and affected by the heated debate over same-sex marriage. Using Massachusetts as a back-drop, we follow one lesbian couple through the political and emotional roller coaster ride of getting their marriage license and planning their wedding while church leaders, citizens and politicians’ voices swirl around them.

"THE GAY MARRIAGE THING was made for LGBT people to bring home and watch with their families to aid the sometimes difficult dialog about gay marriage. With California set to make history, one way or another, this November, it’s important that we all continue this conversation with family, friends and co-workers.

"It is distributed by The Cinema Guild and is available for purchase and is available for download through TLA Video."

More information about the film can be found through this link.

Please click on this link to download this film.

Here is the trailer to the film that shows it to be one well worth seeing:

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