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In the article entitled,"Evangelicals Weigh Election Issues," there is an interesting section regarding people's views of "evangelicals," that is both predictable and disquieting.

"One of the surprises of a new Ellison study [Ellison Research of Phoenix] is 'how much abuse is aimed at evangelicals,' noted company president Ron Sellers. 'Evangelicals were called illiterate, greedy, psychos, racist, stupid, narrow-minded, bigots, idiots, fanatics, nut cases, screaming loons, delusional, simpletons, pompous, morons, cruel, nitwits, and freaks, and that’s just a partial list. ...'"

“'Many Americans are convinced that evangelicals are some kind of a political bloc,' said Kinnaman. 'If you look at things that way, then this really is all about politics instead of religious beliefs and doctrines. ... Some people think evangelicals are part of a political movement that is held together with religious rhetoric and that’s that.'”

[For the full article, see here.]

The reason that people think that "evangelicals" are "illiterate, greedy, psychos, racist," and all the rest is that so many of those who purport to be "evangelical Christians" have monopolized the media and all too many pulpits, and have portrayed "evangelical Christians" as being a bunch of harsh, censorious, judgmental bunch of freaks.

So why shouldn't most people view Christians in that light? And, as I've often rhetorically asked, "Why would any intelligent, decent, sensitive person even want to explore Christianity as a viable way of living his or her life, and view it as, as in the words of C.S. Lewis, 'a reasonable faith'?"

There have been many Christians over the last 2,000 years, not all of whom were stupid! Some very fine minds have embraced the Christian faith, and have trusted in the Resurrected Jesus in their living life on this earth and in ushering us into the world to come! We wouldn't know that fact, however, given the nonsense, often hateful nonsense, emanating from so many professing Christian clergy and others, relating as facts what are mere self-serving prejudices and means of getting more money from their gullible followers.

Such nonsense as "God wants you rich," "name it and claim it," being Gay is out of the will of God," "one's Christological belief system determines if one is going to heaven or hell," and all sorts of other mind-boggling heresies are weekly fare in so many churches and other venues that so many people staunchly believe one or more of them, and so many others who hear them are rightly revolted when they are proclaimed.

In an article I wrote entitled, The Essence of Christianity, that I wrote for my weekly newspaper column entitled, "Christianity and Society," that appears in the newspaper, the "Sacramento Valley Mirror," I stated the following, with which I'll conclude this post:

"Although I assume most people reading my column are Christians, there are undoubtedly many who aren't. I want to
assure them that vituperation, smugness, arrogance, legalism, hostility, and spiritual pride have absolutely nothing to do
with Christianity. Indeed, these traits and behaviors are antithetical to Christianity!"

"[The professing Christians who are] haters and hate-mongers make Christians look like a pack of freaks and I terribly resent it, as do all Christians. Everyone must discern for himself or herself what comprises Christianity and the Christian life and recognize the phonies when they see them. This task is not easy as the phonies frequently get all the media attention.

"After looking at these media types on TV, why would any intelligent and sensitive person even consider Christianity as
the way to God, or even consider being a Christian in the first place? These censorious, judgmental phonies are not
Christians and that must be acknowledged! I refuse to allow these people and their ilk to speak for God, the Church,
and the Prince of Peace Who is the embodiment of love!

"They are to be called what they are: phonies, non-Christians, haters, and hate-mongers who do more than the devil
himself to turn people away from the cause of Christ! Indeed, if I were the devil, I'd put these people up front and center
stage to define Christianity to Christians and non-Christians alike. That would assure that some professing Christians
would become legalistic, judgmental haters and hate-mongers, and that non-Christians would look upon Christianity as
foolishness and a source of spiritual suffocation.

"Moreover, many people who as children were exposed to this perverted version of "Christianity" have left the Church
and many have even turned their backs on God because of these phonies. What they may not as yet realize is that
God has not turned His back on them!"

"Make no mistake! There is an eternal judgment and reckoning with God! It may well be that these phonies, these
hypocrites, these fascists who cloak their hatred of people under the mantle of "Christianity," will reap the harshest
eternal judgment from God."
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