Saturday, September 6, 2008


Words fail me!

"For 24 hours, the message board outside Havens Corners Church, 6696 Havens Corner Rd., read, 'I kissed a girl and I liked it, then I went to Hell.'"

"'If anyone's seen the video and understands how lewd and suggestive the video is for this song, that is not something young people should go toward,' [Pastor David] Allison said.

"He thought the message would be a loving way to remind teenagers that the Bible denounces homosexuality."

[For the full article, see here.]

So, this is love! Thank God many other people (and the article doesn't mention any of them were Christians), took offense, and the sign has been removed, but this Pastor, and all too many like him, spew this type of prejudicial and hateful rhetoric that causes untold damage to young people, both Gay and Straight, and helps further coarsen and poison the society. And these smug, self-righteous haters have the temerity to do so in the name of God; actually believe that they are in God's will by so doing.

One can only wonder how many Gay youth commit suicide because of written or spoken words like this coming from a "church," and from pastors of such churches. And the crying shame is that these pastors really don't know what indescribable harm they do, most particularly to impressionable Gay youth who feel condemned by God, whether or not they even believe in God.

When the preconceived and often self-serving prejudices of people are read into the Bible, and then falsely attributed to God, all sorts of destructive effects ensue, not the least of which are lives lived in desperation; fractured families; LGBT kids kicked out of the house and even forced to live on the streets; suicides; assaults; murders.

And such professing Christians as this pastor, and so many clergy and their followers like him, honestly believe that by spewing hateful rhetoric such as existed on that sign, they are actually showing "love" to young people.

It is known by anyone with even a very rudimentary knowledge of the Gospel, that such Mystification of Experience truly epitomizes both falsehood and perversion!
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