Wednesday, February 20, 2008


My friend, Don Charles whose excellent blog is Christ, The Gay Martyr, sent me this disturbing article by Wayne Besen.

"Dr. Warren Throckmorton, the shamelessly self-promoting ex-gay therapist, has stepped up his holy war against gay people. This week, he organized a pack of fundamentalist quacks to file a formal written complaint with the American Counseling Association. Throckmorton's crew is upset because they believe the ACA is inhibiting their ability to destroy the mental health of gay and lesbian people in the name of religion. They also believe that they have the special right as fundamentalists to use bizarre techniques and ignore normal therapy guidelines.

"What is so morally distasteful and ethically disgraceful about Throckmorton is that he is taking this measure without offering a shred of evidence that his shame-based therapy model works. What Chutzpah! How can he credibly complain to the ACA without offering multiple "success" stories by people other than those who get paid to say they have gone from gay to straight?"

[For the full article, see here.]

In this vein, Peterson Toscano presents a seldom regarded feature of the bankrupt "ex-gay" industry by poignantly showing how such "therapies" can do untold damage not only to the person, but also to his/her parents as well.
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