Thursday, February 28, 2008


This brief video is painful to watch for all reasonably intelligent people who care about each other and about the country. The dumbing down of this country and the coarsening of the culture of this country can be no better encapsulated than in this video.

To bring in the Bible as a major factor in assessing Presidential candidates when we are to be under the Constitution; to use one's "Christianity" as a litmus test for the Presidency; to have the temerity to say that this country was founded on Christian principles when it was founded by the virtual genocide of Native Americans, built on the backs of African-Americans and immigrants working under sweatshop conditions (For an excellent book read, "For just one example, read "Christ in Concrete," by Pietro di Donato which, although a novel, depicts the plight of all too many Italian immigrants to this country.), is surreal to me; to see the prostituting of Christianity in its being reduced to some bumper sticker mentality in the face of our having invaded another country, the Dollar falling, unemployment and underemployment rising, and when there has been a grievous erosion of civil liberties, is remarkable; to listen to politicians' unctuous and sanctimonious drivel to pander to the limited human beings who take these questions and their answers seriously, shows that this country has not only seen its hey day, but is on a precipitous decline.

On top of all this, is there anyone naive enough to believe that any of these limited human beings are going to willingly confer full and equal civil rights to LGBT people?

[Thanks to my friend, Bishop Leland Somers for alerting me to this video.]
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